Ukraine Crisis

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United Nations chief Ban Ki-moon alarmed by flareup in Ukraine fighting

The Security Council is due to discuss the worsening crisis in Ukraine at a meeting on Wednesday, requested by Lithuania.

Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Sergey Lavrov

German foreign minister tries to save Ukraine peace plan

German minister called for drawing a division line between the government troops and pro-Russian rebels in Ukraine.


Under fire over Ukraine crisis, Putin leaves G20 summit mid-way citing ‘lack of sleep’

But Putin attended the annual forum’s wrap-up lunch and praised the “constructive” discussions.


Vladimir Putin to cut short G20 summit after rebukes over Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin intends to cut short his attendance at G20 summit in Australia.


Boost pressure on Russia over Ukraine, US tells UN council

US told UNSC there needs to be greater international pressure on Russia to abide by a ceasefire in Ukraine.


UNSC holds 26th emergency meeting on Ukraine

The UNSC is holding its 26th emergency session on Ukraine amid worries about a renewal of full-scale conflict.


West confronts Putin at Asia-Pacific summit over Ukraine crisis and MH17

Putin had a close-up brush with Western anger over the Ukraine crisis and the downing of Flight MH17.


At least 824,000 displaced by Ukraine conflict: UN

Around 95 per cent of the displaced people are from conflict-torn eastern Ukraine.


The freeze over Ukraine

It must be broken. Western strategy could benefit from a vigorous diplomatic effort.


Russia ‘will react’ if EU implements new sanctions: Foreign Ministry

The EU announced the additional measures late on Friday but said they could be suspended if Moscow withdraws its troops from Ukraine.


West prepares for fresh raft of Russia sanctions

EU and US officials said sanctions against Russia would be announced on Russia on Friday.


NATO will be ‘one of the foreign military threats': Russia

Popov said that US and NATO leaders reassured Moscow that they are not Russia’s enemy and would never attack Russia.


‘No military solution’ to Ukraine crisis, UN chief warns

Ban Ki-moon’s comments came after European-mediated talks on the fast-escalating crisis opened in Minsk.

Still awash with cash, world economies take turn for the worse

Ultra-loose monetary policies followed by major central banks have failed to bring about recovery.


Russia says ‘certain progress’ reached in Ukraine crisis talks

The foreign ministry said the sides focused on ways to quickly halt fighting and establish Ukraine’s control over its border with Russia .