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In UK election, Scottish nationalists may win 53 out of 59 Scottish seats

Polls suggest Scottish National Party could win the upcoming UK elections.

Britain Jewelry District Heist

UK police seek gang behind ‘200 million pound’ heist

London police say heavy cutting equipment has been used to break into a vault in city’s major jewellery business district.

London Gandhi Statue, Amitabh Bachchan, Mahatma Gandhi, London Mahatma Gandhi statue, Gandhi Bronze Statue, Arun Jaitley, David Cameron, UK PM, Gopal Krishna Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi statue unveiled at UK’s Parliament Square

The statue was unveiled jointly by England Prime Minister David Cameron and Arun Jaitley in London.

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British MP Stephen O’Brien to be new UN humanitarian chief

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon appointed British lawmaker Stephen O’Brien as the next UN humanitarian chief.

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Former UK cabinet ministers deny lobbying charges

Two former senior British government ministers deny being caught offer access to politicians and diplomats in return for cash.


After Jayanthi’s allegation of interference, Rahul Gandhi says intervened for tribals

“Yes I asked Jayanti Natrajan to save environment and tribals,” said Rahul.


UK becomes first country to allow ‘three-parent’ babies

382 MPs were in favour and 128 against the technique that stops genetic diseases being passed from mother to child.


Beyonce gaffe leaves UK leader red-faced in Cabinet meeting

“Beyonce’s latest oeuvre” heard in Cabinet meeting after music started playing on Government’s Chief Whip watch.

UK, Deputy High Commission Office, diplomatic presence, UK Trade and Investment, Lord Ian Livingston, British High Commissioner

UK to open Deputy High Commission Office in Ahmedabad

The office is expected to become functional in the next few weeks.


UK college offers selfie course for USD 160

Students can look forward to explore notions of identity, self-hood and memory.


Artificial enzymes suggest life doesn’t need DNA or RNA: Research

Artificial enzymes from genetic material hints at the possibility that life could evolve without DNA or RNA.

New trail in tax haven probe leads to cash, property in UK, UAE

Officials told The Indian Express that the new details now available with them for over 2 dozen cases point to purchase of property in prime locations.


UK ends 13-year war in Afghanistan

All British troops will leave Camp Bastion within days, handing over the huge base to Afghan troops.


Islamic State threatens to kill British jihadis wanting to return home

Muslim extremists from Britain, who went to Syria and Iraq to fight alongside the Islamic State, are now desperate to return home.


Owners of dangerous dogs face fines of up to 20,000 pounds

Around nine postmen and women are attacked by dogs across the UK every day.