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Twitter profile pic can disclose your personality: Study

Researchers used character assessment software to analyse the profile pictures of 66,000 Twitter users, and asked a further 434 people to fill in a psychological survey.

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Twitter pays $322,420 to bug hunters under ‘HackerOne’ program

‘HackerOne’ program has been an invaluable resource for finding and fixing security vulnerabilities.

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@narendramodi, the social media star, shows way for cabinet

Twitter and Facebook have become tools for ministers and their ministries to communicate with the people and get immediate feedback.

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Celebrity Twitter accounts hacked, spam links to adult sites shared: Report

The cyber-security firm’s data also showed that 27 per cent of the compromised accounts were created in 2011.

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The 140 characters: Twitter usernames, images won’t count any longer

Twitter says the simplification is aimed at making it faster and easier for people to express themselves in 140-characters

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Twitter for Android getting automatic ‘Night Mode’ UI soon

Twitter is bringing Night UI to Android app along with different button placement

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Smriti Irani-Priyanka Chaturvedi war of words on Twitter

In a Twitter chat with a journalist, Chaturvedi tagged Irani and said that “a perceived threat to @smritiirani’s life gets Z sec, here I am struggling to get rape/death threat investigated. Cut the crap.”

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You have to see this Twitter timelapse map of how the 5 states voted

According to the data, more than 4.5 million tweets went out in multiple languages between April 20-May 20 this year.


@NarendraModi now has 20 million followers

Modi’s top tweet till date is his tweet when he won the Lok Sabha election in 2014.

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Soon links, photos won’t eat into 140-character limit on Twitter

Twitter plans to let people fire off links or pictures without eating into the 140-character limit set for posts.

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Twitter blocks US intelligence agencies from using analytics service Dataminr

Dataminr analyses tweets and other information streams to create alerts for traders, news reporters and government agencies.

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Leaders pay tribute to Tagore on Twitter

Prime minister Narendra Modi and Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi are among those who paid tributes to Rabindranath Tagore on his 155th birthday.

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Guess what? Narendra Modi is premier on LinkedIn and Periscope too

Narendra Modi is not among the most liked leaders on Periscope, and does not seem to take Vine very seriously

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Twitter adds new Connect tab, makes it easier to follow accounts

A new Connect tab on Twitter Inc’s mobile app makes it easier for people to find accounts to follow.

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Tweets may help predict asthma-related emergencies: Study

When the number of asthma-related tweets increased in a given week, the researchers found that the number of asthma emergency department visits or hospitalisations increased proportionally during the following week.