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For news agency AP, one tweet on Amal Clooney started a Twitter war

US News agency Associated Press got panned on Twitter when it tweeted out a seemingly innocuous tweet about Amal Clooney

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Should Facebook, Twitter reconsider autoplay feature?

A parliamentary group has suggested that the firms should ensure that users are warned about graphic content before it plays.


Twitter blocks apps that reveal deleted tweets of politicians

Twitter blocks Diplotwoops and Politwoops to guard politicians from their deleted tweets.

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Tweets now appear in Google search results

Google now show Tweets along with standard search results on your desktop

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Data Analytics To Shopping App: With ethical hackers, Bengaluru takes tech policing to next level

If Karnataka’s Chief Minister has over 24,000 Twitter followers, Bengaluru’s police commissioner has more than 3,50,000 followers.

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Taj Mahal joins Twitter

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav today launched the official Twitter account of Taj Mahal.

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Twitter ends DM 140-character limit. Does it want to become an email service?

Twitter has from today ended the 140 character limit on Direct Messages

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Nitish Kumar’s Twitter interview evoke direct parallels to PM Narendra Modi

Nitish Kumar conducted a Q&A session on Twitter on Wednesday where he answered many questions from journalists and Twitter users.

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Twitter shocked after attack on Wasim Akram

Wasim Akram’s car attacked by a gunman while he was driving near the National Stadium in Karachi.

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Twitter goes more native, now supports Gujarati, Kannada, Marathi and Tamil

Now you can tweet in four more Indian languages along with Hindi and Bengali on both website and Twitter app.


In memory of Dr Kalam, his Twitter account will remain alive

A team of Abdul Kalam’s close associates has decided to run his official Twitter account which has now been renamed as ‘In memory of Dr Kalam’.


Earth 2.0: How Twitter reacted to NASA’s latest discovery

NASA researchers announced that the new planet is the closest that we can “call home”. What makes the discovery more exciting is that it orbits a star at the same distance as earth orbits sun.


Turkey blocks access to Twitter: report

The government was also trying to block Twitter users from calling for protests against the government for not doing more to prevent the bombing, the state-run Anadolu Agency said.


MS Dhoni spends his time cleaning his ‘toys’ in Ranchi

MS Dhoni opted to wash his ‘toys’ which included several superbikes to a gigantic Humvee.

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Netanyahu slams Iranian nuclear deal in his first Farsi tweet

Twitter, Facebook, and other popular social media sites are technically banned in Iran. Nonetheless, many Iranians use Twitter through proxy servers.