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Travel diaries: Guwahati, two decades ago and now

Guwahati has changed a lot since the last time I set foot here two decades ago. So, it comes as no surprise that it is the only city from the northeast region that has found a place in the list of first 20 cities which will be developed into Smart Cities in 2016.

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‘Wonderful Indonesia’ aggressively wooing Indian tourists in 2016

Indonesia’s tourism ministry hopes to use the SATTE platform as a litmus test for business opportunities in the Indian travel and tourism sector.

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Chewing on freshly-made gur along Punjab’s highways

At several places in the sugarcane growing belts of Punjab, cars, buses and other vehicles can be seen halted at places where local farmers are making fresh ‘gur’ at makeshift jaggery-making units.

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Saying goodbye to the river Teesta

When they lost Teesta, their only child, a Bengali couple decided to embark on a remarkable journey to remember and celebrate her life.

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Taj Mahal, Agra, Uttar Pradesh

Now, travel to India’s heritage sites in style with IRCTC’s new venture

The semi-luxury heritage circuit tourist train aims to bridge the gap between India’s Maharaja packages and normal trains.

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10 trips every child should take

It is said that travel is the best form of education, so, in that spirit, here are 10 trips, in our view, that every child should take.


6 places in Delhi Mark Zuckerberg should visit

Now, we know that Zuckerberg is a busy man, but should he want to sample a taste of Delhi’s culinary and cultural fare, here are some options.

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Discovering the artistic side of Singapore

When one visits Singapore as often, it’s important to discover new facets. This time, it was art and history that stole the show.

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Desi Khana in Melbourne: Top Indian eateries in the city

Traditional Indian cuisine is breaking all records in Melbourne to become one of the top favourites for the tastebuds of Melbournians.


Kairali Health Resort: There couldn’t be a better getaway for mind, body and spirit

With massages that heal, food that detoxifies, and an ambience that soothes you, Kairali Health Resort is a naturalist’s treasure trove.

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Touch and Go

If you’re going on a holiday, arm yourself with a few tech tips to make things smoother.

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Lonely at the Top: Trek up Reiek mountain in Mizoram

Even though Mizoram’s capital Aizawl is not far away, few travellers embark on the half-hour trek from the picture-postcard Reiek and Ailawng villages to the mountain-top.

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Ireland: The Burren’s ancient, austere landscape is the stuff of literary inspiration

You arrive with a blank page, take in the breathtaking views, go on long rambles, and leave with a novel. Inspiration will come as easy as making the morning cup of coffee.

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Why Rio de Janeiro is a marvellous city

The attractions of the cosmopolitan metropolis range from sweeping coastline and towering mountains to colonial architecture, vibrant culture and mouth-watering cuisine.


Sun, sand, surgery: Goa gearing up for medical tourism

Goa, which is already on the global tourism map with its half a million foreign tourist arrivals every year, is in the best position to tap in on this trend.

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