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‘Mobile phone lane’ separates non-users in Thailand university

“Mobile phone lane” will help speeding university students avoid getting bumped into smartphone users on their way to class.

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‘Let’s break up,’ Thai lottery winner texts wife, who sues

The couple, who were living together at the time, cashed the winnings together at a local bank and deposited the money in the man’s account

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Thailand’s ousted PM Yingluck Shinawatra files case against public prosecutor

Yingluck filed a criminal case at the court to counter-sue Thailand’s AG over the handling of her prosecution in connection with a subsidy scheme for rice farmers, which ran up huge losses.


Watch: Thailand navy cadets forced to smash phones for violating school rule

Teachers at the school came up with an “honor system” whereby those who break the rule “destroy their phones voluntarily.”

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Bangkok bombing: Thai police seek 10th suspect in deadly blast

Authorities will seek an arrest warrant soon for a man who shared an apartment with a suspect who was arrested a week ago when a police raid found bomb-making materials in his room.


Thailand detains photographer for carrying body armour

The photographer is being charged with possessing an illegal weapon, which carries a prison sentence of up to five years.


Thailand police deactivate bomb in Bangkok house

A week after an explosion killed 20 people in Bangkok, Thai police find unexploded bomb in capital.


Bangkok bombing: New surveillance video offers possible bombing clue

A new surveillance video has surfaced offering a possible clue to solving the crime.


Bangkok blasts a blow to tourism, pillar of ailing economy

The Southeast Asian country’s tourism industry has expanded strongly over recent years, driven by rising numbers of Chinese tourists, which has helped offset the drag on growth from a decade of political instability.

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Blast and after: The fiery red and yellow of Thailand’s curry politics

At 7 pm on Monday, a bomb went off at the Erawan shrine in central Bangkok, killing at least 18 and leaving more than a hundred injured.

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Bangkok shrine blast: Man carrying backpack is the bomber [video]

Bangkok blast | At least 20 people were confirmed dead and 126 injured, according to the Erawan Emergency Center, which revised an earlier injured toll.

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Bangkok explosion: Second blast in Bangkok, no injuries reported, say police

Police Senior Sgt. Maj. Worapong Boonthawee says an explosive device was thrown from the Taksin Bridge on Tuesday afternoon and blew up at Sathorn Pier after falling into the Chao Phraya River below. “There is no injury,” he says.

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Bangkok blast: 27 die in rush-hour blast at shrine in city’s heart

The twin blasts, which the government believed was aimed at damaging economy and tourism, occurred in a space of minutes around 7 pm (5:30 IST) outside Erawan Shrine dedicated to Lord Brahma in the downtown Chidlom district.

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US blacklists Thailand 2nd year in a row over human trafficking

Thai Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha said Tuesday that Thailand was working on solving the issues.

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Bangkok to allow US military flights to search for migrants on boats

So far the US Navy flights have been operating out of Subang, Malaysia, while the US waited for permission from Thailand.