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Thailand: Land of smiles and happiness

Blessed with a tropical climate, Thailand uniquely offers a graceful blend of antiquity with modernity.

Thailand Politics

Thai police offer reward for evidence on anti-coup protesters

Person who submits a photo or video which can be used as legal evidence to convict a protester will get a reward of USD 15 .


Thailand disappointed with US trafficking report

The downgrade could exact a reputational cost on Thailand’s lucrative seafood and shrimp industries.


Junta targets crime to clean up Thailand’s image

Foreign tourists should not have a perception that they can come to Thailand to commit illegal activities, junta chief said.


Cambodian exodus from Thailand jumps to nearly 180,000

Around 20,000 others have crossed the border at O’Smach, a checkpoint some 250 kilometres northeast from Poipet.


60,000 Cambodian migrants leave Thailand in past seven days

Rumours say that the Thai military is preparing for a crackdown on illegal migrants.


Thailand’s junta to help people watch World Cup

An official of the broadcasting regulator said the junta asked him to arrange for all matches to be broadcast on free-to-air channels.


Thai junta to explain itself to international rights groups

Thai ambassadors to US and Britain are to meet human rights groups in an effort to “create understanding” about junta’s seizure of power.


No plans to restore civilian rule, but will bring back ‘happiness': Junta

The junta says it had to restore order after half a year of political turmoil left dozens dead and the government paralyzed


Thailand’s military rulers warn over Hunger Games salute

The Hunger Games with a graphic of three fingers labeled, 1. No Coup, 2. Liberty, 3. Democracy.


From beaches to Bangkok, tourists ask ‘What coup?’

As the army summons journalists and academics seen as anti-coup, tourists are kicking back on the country’s famed beaches and sightseeing in Bangkok.


From beaches to Bangkok, tourists ask ‘What coup?’

Not a soldier was in sight on the white sands of Koh Phangan and the raucous party carried on for hours.


Thai junta airs videos to show detainees OK

The footage, released army-run TV Channel 5 and broadcast on other stations Wednesday, showed several detainees speaking to army officers.


Thai junta leader says king endorses coup

Prayuth also justified the putsch saying he had to restore order after seven months of violent confrontations and political turmoil.


Thai coup official: Democracy caused ‘losses’

The United States has cut off foreign aid and canceled military exercises with Thailand since the coup.


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