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BARC, Sewri hospital for joint study on TB

Sewri TB hospital has 1,200 beds and around 1,000 patients of which over 200 are multi-drug resistant TB (MDR-TB) cases.


City hospitals get a shot of manpower as BMC recruits 116 specialist doctors

The civic-body appointed 3 psychiatrists for the 1,200-bed Sewri Tuberculosis Hospital to handle patients.


Revolutionary antibiotics to tackle TB

Researchers have found that hydrogen is a key factor that enables mycobacteria to survive oxygen-limitation over long periods.


‘Positive on HIV, India lags behind on TB, malaria front’

Fewer people in India are dying from HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria than a decade ago.


Why TB persists

Public and private efforts must converge to battle it.

For info on TB, BMC to launch directory

The directory will have all TB related details. It will have addresses of DOTS dispensaries in the city.


Bone marrow stem cells could defeat drug-resistant tuberculosis

Patients with potentially fatal “superbug” forms of tuberculosis (TB) could in future be treated using stem cells taken from their own bone marrow, according to the results of an early-stage trial of the technique. The finding, made by British and Swedish scientists, could pave the way for the development of a new treatment for the […]

Not all or nothing

The rural health cadre will not create two classes of doctors,it will help fill two different needs.

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Five facilities in state to detect MDR-TB in 2 hours

Doctors fear the latest infection could be a Multi-Drug Resistant (MDR) one

World Hepatitis Day: Research shows countries ill-equipped to cope with epidemic

Despite this enormous death toll,leaders in global health consistently leave it off their agendas.

Ethnic differences in immune response to TB discovered

Immune response to the tuberculosis bacterium varies between patients of different ethnic origin.


New device can detect cancer or any disease in 10 minutes: UK scientist

The device is undergoing rigorous clinical trials and will be used across UK as early as next year.

Micro-needle skin patch may help fight HIV,TB

The study shows how key immune cells are made to produce antibodies against infection.

New molecule promises to fight TB,HIV

Enthusing them further,the compound was found to inhibit two most widely prevalent clades of HIV-1,the subtypes B & C.

Panchkula scores 85 per cent cure rate in last three years

With tuberculosis mortality as high as two deaths every three minutes in the country,Panchkula district has been scoring a cure rate of 85 per cent among new patients — registered 12 to 15 month previously — for the last three years.