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Taliban wages bloody offensive, suicide attacks on NATO troops in Afghanistan

The attacker detonated a lorry loaded with explosives at the gate of the police headquarters in Lashkar Gah, the capital of volatile Helmand province.

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Taliban ambush kills 11 Afghan soldiers

There was no immediate claim of responsibility, but Taliban militants have increased their attacks on Afghan security forces since launching their annual spring offensive.

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Taliban, Islamic State joined forces against Afghan government: UN ambassador

Afghan forces have been stretched, tested, and faced operational challenges since taking on full security responsibilities following an end to the US and NATO combat mission.

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In continuing Afghan violence, reflection of the war for its Throne of Blood

In beating back Monday’s attackers, Afghan forces showed they might yet stand and deliver — concerted international action, however, remains key.

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Taliban captures second district in Afghanistan’s Kunduz province

Taliban captured Chardara on Sunday and Dashti Archi on Monday, both districts of the Kunduz province. No precise account of casualties were given but locals are said to be trapped in the district.

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Afghanistan parliament attack: 6 Taliban militants dead, 18 civilians wounded

The explosion struck as lawmakers were seen leaving the Afghanistan parliament. Police said there were four large explosions.

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Taliban takes over northern Kunduz province in Afghanistan

The violence killed three Afghan security members and injured six while Taliban suffered 17 fatalities and at least 20 casualties while the locals fled the violence.


Suicide attack on Peshawar police vehicle; one dead

1 killed and 3 injured in the attack. Deputy Commander Malik Tariq among injured. Pakistani Taliban claims responsibility, warns of more attacks.

Now, posters of ‘Taliban J&K’ appear in Kashmir

The posters have warned these people to desist from “un-Islamic” acts and conduct themselves as per the Islamic tradition.

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Afghan peace talks fail over Taliban demands

Group rejects Afghan govt proposals, wants Sharia constitution, withdrawal of US troops from country.


‘Pakistan promised to rein in Taliban offensive’

The document shows that President Gani sought commitments from Islamabad on military action against Taliban before signing a controversial intelligence cooperation agreement last month.


Taliban, other Afghans talk women’s rights in Norway

According to Afghan and Norwegian media, the talks were expected to focus on women’s rights in Afghanistan.

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War in Afghanistan since 2001 has killed 100,000: Report

The study, called Costs of War looks at war-related deaths, injuries and displacement in Afghanistan and Pakistan from 2001 to last year.


Comic book ‘Paasban’ to steer young Pakistanis away from extremism

Paasban is a three-part series featuring a group of close friends at college who begin to worry when one of them drops out to join a religious student group that is ostensibly working for charitable causes.

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Kabul guesthouse siege ends, four militants dead in the attack

Deputy Interior Minister Mohammad Ayub Salangi said the siege ended in the morning with the deaths of four heavily armed attackers though no civilians or security personnel were injured or killed.