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Syrian rebels quit Homs’ Old City, residents move in

Civilians began returning to see what remained of their homes in Hamidiyeh district which was bombarded nearly daily.

Children in Syria raped, maimed and tortured during war: UN

Syrian militia groups recruit children for both combat as well as for using terror tactics in civilian-populated areas.

Switzerland Syria Peace Talks

US denies Kerry favoured arming Syrian rebels

Denying that Kerry had called to arm Syrian rebels, the US said it wants a negotiated political settlement.


Explosions kill 10 near Iranian Embassy in Beirut

The mid-morning blasts hit Beirut’s upscale neighbourhood of Janah,a Hezbollah stronghold.

Syria: Al-Qaeda affiliate targeting citizens,journalists at Raqa

Al-Qaeda is targeting citizen journalists in Syria’s Raqa with a wave of kidnappings,beatings and assassinations aimed at silencing them,in what activists call a reign of terror. “Is your head still attached to your body? I swear to God your head will be cut off,and that we’ll give you a visa to hell,” read the threat […]


Syria will comply,chemical inspectors may have trouble with ‘terrorists’,says Assad

OPCW experts will carry out investigations into the use of chemical weapons in Syria.

Syria rebels reject West-backed coalition,call for Islamic leadership

Setback for foreign leaders trying to reassure voters sceptical of deeper involvement in Syria’s civil war.


Syrian rebel groups reject SNC authority,call for Islamic leadership

Fighters on the ground say the SNC has lost touch with civilians and become corrupt.


Syrian Opposition: Rebel faction,Islamists sign truce agreement

Al-Qaeda-linked groups have added a different dynamic to the Syrian revolution.


Syrian rebels blast Russian offer on chemical arms

Rebels feel Assad’s govt should be made to face an international court for the attack near Damascus.


CIA starts weapons delivery to Syrian rebels

The arm shipments are limited to light weapons and other traceable munitions.