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Syrian troops seize contested Damascus suburb

The military’s campaign around Damascus has succeeded in pushing the rebels farther from the heart of the city.

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Militants abandoning al-Qaeda to join Islamic State: Report

The paper said the influx has strengthened the Islamic State, also known as Islamic State of Iraq and Syria or ISIS.


Fighting erupts in Lebanese border after truce fails

Muslim clerics launched new efforts to broker another ceasefire.

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A letter to a friend in Gaza

Our demand to demilitarise the Strip is not only for Israelis; it’s also for you, Fathi. We prefer happy neighbours to suffering neighbours.


Jordan downs drone near Syria border: security official

The official said the drone flew near Zaatari refugee camp, which is home to around 100,000 Syrian refugees.


The Big Story: Syria in backyard, Europe fights radicalisation

Germany takes the lead in counseling, hotlines, helping returning jihadists find jobs.

Self-proclaimed ISIS leader Abu Bakr Baghdadi. (Source: Indian Express)

USD 10 million for information on Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi: US

The award on al-Baghdadi has been since 2011.


ISIL poses serious security threat to Iraq, says White House

Any decision that US President makes about military actions in Iraq will be focused on its core national security interests, said Earnest.

The House vote was 225 to 201 yesterday. (Source: AP)

ISIS threat prompts US to up security at Delhi, Mumbai and other overseas airports

Such a decision has been taken in view of the declaration of Islamic Caliphate by ISIS.

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ISIS ‘caliphate’ threat to whole region: Maliki

Iraq PM warns that all neighbours are now inside ‘red circle’.


Kerry: Moderated Syrian rebels could help in Iraq

“We still need greater assistance,” Al-Jarba said.


Kerry issues warning after Syria bombs Iraq

The problem is how will Iran, the Iraqi Shiites and the Alawites in Syria coordinate their overall pressure on the Sunni forces.

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UN says 10.8 million Syrians need humanitarian aid

The U.N. chief painted a grim picture of a country gripped by severe violence, including the use of barrel bombs by govt forces.


The great game folio: US and Iran

In politics, domestic or international, classical texts across civilisations caution against the idea that any two entities can be enemies for ever.


Al-Qaida splinter group encircles Syrian city

“They have surrounded the city. There are no entrances or exits left for people to flee,” said a Syrian activist in the region.


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