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Islamic State militants purge Syrian town of Assad loyalists

The capture of Palmyra has raised alarm that the IS militants might try to destroy Mideast’s other archaeological sites as well.

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Islamic State seizes ancient town of Palmyra in Syria

The Islamic State has captured Palmyra, one of the world’s most renowned historic archaeological sites in Iraq.

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PM Tony Abbot plays down possibility of repatriating Australians fighting for Islamic State

Australian Prime Minister talks down the issue of The Australian foreign fighters to come back home due to homesickness

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Nearly 300 dead in battle for Syrian city Palmyra: Monitor

Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the toll comprised 123 soldiers and loyalist militiamen, 115 IS fighters and 57 civilians.

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Over 50 die as ISIS militants are pushed away from Syria’s ancient Palmyra

‘There was no damage to the ruins, but this does not mean we should not be afraid.’

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Hyderabad youth who died in Syria was engaged to a dental student

He called up his fiancé, apologized to her and asked her not to wait for him but to get married to someone else.


ISIS militants kill 25 Iraqi Yazidis in Syria

Tens of thousands of Yazidis fled in August when the Islamic State group captured the northern Iraqi town of Sinjar.

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Kalyan To Isis: Areeb detention was extended by court without jurisdiction

He is facing charges for allegedly joining the ISIS.

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Syrian insurgents capture military base in northwest

Islamic insurgents overran a military base at a former factory in northwestern Syria, carting off tanks and other weapons.

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Syria millitary airstriked Nusra Front captured Jisr al-Shughour

An airstrike on the town of Darkoush, some 20 kilometers (12 miles) north of Jisr al-Shughour, killed and wounded dozens of people.

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Youth suspected of joining Islamic State arrested by US security

A spokesman for the US Attorney’s Office said the arrests were made and there was no threat to public safety.


Report: Evidence suggests Syrian troops used toxic chemicals

The group’s report said people near the sites of three attacks exhibited symptoms consistent with exposure to toxic chemicals.

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Reports: Rebels shell Syria’s Aleppo, killing at least 3

Syrian rebels have been shelling residential areas in government-held parts of the city killing hundreds of people in the attacks.


Islamic State holding 50 civilians after raid on Syria village

Jihadist fighters from the Islamic State group are holding hostage at least 50 civilians seized in a raid on a village in central Syria, a monitor said. They were kidnapped from the village of Mabujeh in Hama province on March 31, said the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. News of the kidnap had been kept […]

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Palestinian envoy: ‘Military’ option agreed for Syrian camp

Agreement has reached with the government to use military force to expel Islamic State militants from a Palestinian refugee camp.