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Situation in Kobani “tenuous” as Kurdish forces continue fight against ISIS: Pentagon

US Central Command (CENTCOM) said it conducted four airstrikes, while three others were conducted by its partner nation forces.

Bashar Assad

Syria’s Bashar al-Assad exploits US war against Islamic State

Syrian President Bashar Assad is taking advantage of the US-led coalition’s war against the Islamic State group.

A former SIMI man from Karnataka currently said to be based in the Gulf region has been identified as a recruiter for the ISIS.

US-led airstrikes in Kobani wiped out hundreds of Islamic State militants: Pentagon

“One of the reasons why you’re seeing more strikes there is because there is more ISIL there,” said Pentagon spokesperson.


Istanbul rattled by signs of Islamic State support

Pins bearing the militants’ black-and-white flag are on sale at a jihad-themed bookstore near the Istanbul University campus.


ISIS advance on Syria town halted by Kurds; Turkey to train 4,000 fighters

The strikes, aimed at rolling back the militants’ gains, appear to have done little to blunt their assault on Kobani and nearby villages.


Kurdish forces urge more air strikes on Kobani as IS tightens grip

A group that monitors the Syrian civil war said the Kurdish forces faced inevitable defeat in Kobani.


US-led airstrikes pound Islamic State targets in besieged Syrian town

Despite the airstrikes, the Islamic State fighters managed to capture a police station in the east of the town,

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Canadian Parliament authorizes air strikes in Iraq against ISIS

The motion authorizes air strikes in Iraq for up to six months and explicitly states that no ground troops be used in combat operations.


Syrian border town of Kobani poised to fall to militants, warns Turkish president

The outgunned Kurdish fighters struggling to defend Kobani got a small boost from a series of U.S.-led airstrikes against the militants.


Japanese Muslim quizzed over plan to join Islamic State: reports

The student told police he “was planning to travel to Syria so as to join Islamic State to work as a fighter”, the Mainichi Shimbun said.

US spent around $1.1 bn on ops against Islamic State in Syria, Iraq: Pentagon

US Central Command said that the Navy has dropped roughly 185 munitions, including 47 cruise missiles launched from ships in the region.


Islamic State wages assault on the Syrian border town of Kobani

“The Islamic State controls three neighborhoods on the eastern side of Kobani,” said an observer.


ISIS threat: Indonesia struggles with Islamic State recruiting

For the first time, Indonesians in Southeast Asia are traveling abroad in an organized fashion to join a global militant movement.

This undated photo provided by Kassig Family shows Peter Kassig standing in front of a truck filled with supplies for Syrian refugees. (Source: AP)

Indiana aid worker captured by Islamic State says he is afraid to die in captivity

In a statement released to media, Abdul-Rahman Kassig appeared to try to prepare them for his death.


Kurds battle Islamist militants closing in on Syrian town

At least 11 Kurdish fighters and 16 Islamic State insurgents were killed in the overnight clashes.


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