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Australian nationals on a high among Islamic State recruits

A London-based study reports that between 100 and 250 Australians have joined the Islamic State,much larger than the US.


Syrian insurgency killing civilians, violating laws of war: Human Rights Watch Report

Human Rights Watch report documents the indiscriminate killing of civilians by insurgents in Syria, violating the laws of the war.

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Syrian helicopter crashes in rebel-held area; Govt airmen captured by militants

Syrian insurgents captured several government airmen after their helicopter crashed in a rebel-held area.

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Death toll rises to 49 in bombing attack on Syrian Kurds

The Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) control Hasakeh city, but IS militants have launched attacks on towns nearby.

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Syrian military launches poisonous gas attack, leaves children among others choked to death

Syrian activists and the opposition accused the government of a chlorine gas attack on a rebel-held town, killing 6 people.

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Syria claims to have shot US drone; reports remain unconfirmed

US Predator drone went down in Syria, but it’s not clear whether it was shot down despite such claims from Syria.

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UK teens detained for attempting to join the Islamic State in Syria

After letting 3 British girls slip into Syria to join Islamic State, authorities prevent 3 more UK teens from doing the same.

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Satellite images reveal deterioration of Syria since civil war broke out

‘The night images are very unbelievable. The Syrian people need help.’


Islamic State militants launch attack on Kurdish border

Islamic State militants have launched an attack against a predominantly Kurdish town on the Turkish frontier, say officials.

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IS attacks Christian villages in northeastern Syria

The Assyrians are an indigenous Christian people who trace their roots back to ancient Mesopotamia.

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Activists: 19 of 220 captive Syrian Christian released

The Islamic State group released at least 19 Christians from the 220 people the militants took captive recently.

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Activists: Outreach made to IS over Christian captives

The fate of those kidnapped, almost all of them Assyrian Christians, remains unclear.

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Syria expels 2 key United Nations humanitarian staffers

The expulsions will have a significant impact on the entire humanitarian operation for Syria, Amos wrote.

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Number of Christians kidnapped by Islamic State militants rises to 220

IS began abducting the Assyrians on Monday, when militants attacked a cluster of villages along the Khabur River.

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Islamic State attacked by Syrian Kurds in the Northeast

Syrian Kurdish forces advanced against Islamic State fighters in two separate attacks in northeastern Syria near the Iraqi border.