Sushil Koirala

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Nextdoor Nepal: Letter from UK, message from China

Questions of secularism and federalism divide the political spectrum


Sherwood alumni seek PM Narendra Modi intervention

Shaan’s mother met Nepal PM Sushil Koirala and requested him to bring up the student’s death during the SAARC meeting with Modi


Death of a citizen

A story of a murder and fast to death roils Nepal.


Listen to the people

The demand for referendums on crucial issues is growing in Nepal.


Nepal agrees to crack down on radio channels used by China for propaganda

A government official said Nepal agreed to crack down on the radio channels being aired primarily in Terai region.


6th SAARC Home Ministers’ meet begins in Nepal

The meeting is expected to discuss regional issues such as terrorism, drug and human trafficking and cyber crime.

No convergence

Some Nepalese leaders, unhappy with Modi’s new approach, are preparing to raise the ‘ek madhes, ek pradesh’ demand.


PM Modi meets Koirala, discusses ways to boost bilateral ties

The two leaders discussed various facets of longstanding mutual relations and issues of common interest.


Sushil Koirala to break protocol to receive Narendra Modi at airport

Koirala himself will be present at the airport to welcome Prime Minister Modi.


Nepal PM Sushil Koirala has first stage lung cancer

Koirala, a heavy smoker, had been diagnosed with tongue cancer seven years ago and was cured.


Judicial authoritarianism

When courts protect the interests of a government, not individual rights.


Kathmandu wonders

How supportive will Modi’s government be of the process of change that currently lacks direction and consensus?

Koirala nephew: Modi good for China ties, can put Nepal back on Silk Route

Responding to how his secular party will match BJP’s right-wing ideology, Koirala said Nepal “would adopt a pragmatic view” if the issue ever cropped up.


Nextdoor Nepal: Last minute gesture

India, no doubt, is a big influence on Nepal’s development and politics.


Himalayan vulnerability

Tanakpur returns to trouble another Koirala.