Sunni Militants

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Overnight attacks in Iraq kill at least 16 people

In June, the Islamic State launched a massive blitz offencive that brought large swaths of northern and western Iraq under their control.


Over 3,500 Indians back from Iraq in last 30 days

Ministry is making efforts to secure the release of 39 Indians who are in captivity of Sunni militants.


All efforts being made to rescue 39 more Indians in Iraq: Govt

“Every possible effort well beyond diplomatic possibilities are being explored.”


Clashes near Ramadi kill 11 Iraq police: Officer

The militants have captured several areas west of the city since the fighting broke out Thursday afternoon.


Iraqi Kurdish leader urges independence referendum

Kurdish independence is opposed by the U.S., as well as by Iraq’s regional neighbors, Turkey and Iran.


Iraq sends tanks, helicopters into Tikrit to dislodge Sunni insurgents

The army sent in tanks and helicopters to battle ISIL militants near the University of Tikrit in the city’s north on Sunday, security sources said.


Iraq forces look to claw back city from insurgents

There were conflicting reports as to how far the military advanced in its initial thrust toward the northern city.


Iraq crisis: Clashes near Tikrit as Iraq troops launch fightback

Witnesses said loyalists were moving toward Tikrit from the west and engaged in heavy clashes.


Iraq crisis: US drones over Baghdad as Iraq battles for Tikrit

The Pentagon confirmed that among the manned and unmanned US aircraft flying over Iraq to carry out surveillance, some were carrying bombs and missiles.


Iraq villagers flee militant advance in north

Many villagers have been granted access by daybreak, hundreds of Shiite refugees were still facing the delays.


Militants bomb Shiite places of worship in Iraq

Bombs have damaged the structures, however, no casualties have been reported so far.


Iraq Crisis: Sunni militants launch fresh raid on oil refinery

The refinery is located in the heart of the Sunni- dominated areas in northern Iraq.

The military plan must also be Iraqi-led and reflect a certain level of national agreement for consensus between the various communities, Mladenov stressed.

Iraq crisis: Strategic Iraq town Tal Afar, airport fall to Sunni militants

The town had previously been the largest in the northern province of Nineveh not to fall to militants.


Iraq crisis: Sunni militants advance, capture more towns as US warns spillover

“We’re going to have to be vigilant generally,” US President Barack Obama said in an interview aired yesterday on CBS.


Iraq crisis: Sunni militants seize more towns as US presses unity

Anti-government fighters already hold areas of the western desert province of Anbar.