South Korea

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Seoul leans toward allowing group of women to cross DMZ

The DMZ is considered the world’s most fortified border, separating the two Koreas still technically at war.


South Korea approve plans to salvage sunken ferry

Critics are skeptical that salvaging the ship will provide new revelations and find the missing.


South Korea’s prime minister offers to resign amid scandal

Lee Wan Koo has been at the center of a corruption scandal that flared after a businessman killed himself earlier this month.


South Korea to pay about $380,000 for each student killed in ferry disaster

Other passengers will receive between 150 million won and 600 million won, depending on their age and income.

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After history disputes, Beijing, Tokyo and Seoul resume talks

Foreign ministers of South Korea, China and Japan are set to meet in Seoul for their first trilateral talks in 3 years.


N. Korea test fires 7 surface air missiles in sea: S. Korean officials

North Korea has test fired seven short-range missiles into the sea, South Korean officials said.

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Korean Air flight attendant sues airline, VP in ‘nut rage case’

Flight attendant who Korean Air Lines Co. vice president harassed, filed a civil lawsuit against the airline and the executive.

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US envoy Mark Lippert’s stance to remain ‘friendly’ in South Korea even after knife attack

US Ambassador Mark Lippert be released after five days in a South Korean hospital for treatment of injuries by stabbing.

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South Korean president visits Ambassador Lipert post recent stabbing

South Korea’s president visited US Ambassador Mark Lippert amid an outpouring of public sympathy and support suring his recovery from stabbing.

U.S. Ambassador to South Korea Mark Lippert leaves a lecture hall for a hospital in Seoul, South Korea, Thursday, March 5, 2015. U.S. Ambassador Mark Lippert was slashed on the face and wrist by a man wielding a blade and screaming that the rival Koreas should be unified, South Korean police said Thursday. (AP Photo/Yonhap, Kim Ju-Sung)

US ambassador to South Korea attacked with knife, slashed on face, wrist

Lippert stood up for a handshake, the suspect wrestled the ambassador to the ground and slashed him with a knife.

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North Korea warns of ‘merciless strikes'; test fires 2 missiles to retaliate for US-South Korea military drill

During the 2013 drills, tension rose amid North Korean rhetoric that included vows of nuclear strikes on Washington and Seoul.


Gunman kills 4, found dead in South Korea: Police

The incident follows another shooting on Wednesday when a gunman shot and killed three people in Sejong City.

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South Korean constitutional court shuns controversial adultery law

South Korean court abolished law that bans extramarital affairs; stock price of prominent condom maker immediately shot up 15%.


South Korean spy chief says teenager joined Islamic State group

18-year-old man becomes the first known South Korean to join the Islamic State group.

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Court sentences Korean Air ‘nut rage’ executive to an year in prison

Korean Air executive famous for an inflight tantrum over macadamia nuts was found guilty of violating aviation safety law.