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Lurking on Facebook may lead to depression: Study

Envious towards others? Might be because you spend too much time on Facebook, so says the study.


The more our technologies become transparent, the more they become opaque

The more technologies become light, seductive, easy, and connected, the more we are losing control over what we can do with and through them.


‘Social media sites help to connect to people worldwide’

Quest asked students of Mumbai schools: What are the advantages & disadvantages of social networking sites?


Delhi Assembly Elections: Why AAP wins social media too

Check out how the social media is abuzz about the Delhi Assembly elections 2015.


Beware! Social media addiction can cause FOMO

Constant urge to be in touch with friends and happenings has left youths suffering from FOMO.


Delhi Assembly Polls: Political parties slug it out on social media

Social media has become the new battleground for political parties to unleash their election propaganda.


Facebook suffers outage affecting users worldwide

Facebook had 1.25 billion monthly active users at the end of September.


EC asks people to report poll violations via social media

“Any citizen can post a photo or a video of any instance of violation, indicating the location, time and other relevant details, on the Facebook page,” EC said.


Posting the first-ever profile picture promises to be the biggest viral meme

People are suddenly going back to their time-lines and posting the first-ever profile picture they ever posted on Facebook.


Facebook the leader of social media: Survey

The social networking site has also made inroads into becoming the popular choice among the elderly.


Lying on Facebook leads to false memories

Do you fabricate your profile on Facebook to earn more likes? This habit can lead to feelings of shame later in life.


Rear View: Shredding the old year

Shredding the old year


Quest: ‘Social media has brought the world closer’

Socialising is one of the most important parts of our life. Social Media attains a lot of attention of the people around us.

Outrage on social media over suicide of nursing student

Media in Kerala facing ire for ‘suppressing’ the incident

Facebook Privacy Policy-480

Facebook to get office-friendly with its new version

The new service called “Facebook at Work” will allow employees to have work-friendly chats, connect with business partners.