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XS Powercard, cheap power bank, XS Powercard review

XS Powercard Express Review: A power bank with storage that fits in your wallet

The XS powercard is practical and gives you some additional features at Rs 2,499

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New app lets you ‘unsend’ the text

RakEM eliminates ‘text regret’ by allowing users to delete the unwanted sent message from both devices.


Buying second-hand smartphone is the latest trend!

Ever used a second hand high-end smartphone? That’s a growing trend now, according to a new survey report.


Smartphone device can diagnose HIV in 15 minutes

Researchers have developed a low-cost dongle that can perform a test that simultaneously detects three infectious disease markers.


Watch out! Your smartphone may be harbouring bacteria

The home button on your smartphone may be harbouring millions of bacteria – some even harmful.

Indians addicted to smartphones, says survey

Smartphone charger on a keychain!

You may not need to carry a charger for your smartphone any more; just make sure you carry your keychain with you.


Here is how the flagship is reinventing itself under pressure

A company like HTC has three or four flagship phones catering to different price points, Sony launched two flagships in 2014


With Project Ara, Google wants to rule the mobile world, block by block

If the concept catches the world’s fancy you might see some large smartphone manufacturers of today being relegated to becoming module makers

Indians addicted to smartphones, says survey

Indians addicted to smartphones, says survey

People based out of Pune have the highest tendency of buying gadgets like smartphones and laptops.

Launchpad: YotaPhone

The dual-screen YotaPhone smartphone mounts a 13MP rear camera and a 1MP front camera.

Soon you can train your smartphone to respond to gestures

Soon you can train your smartphone to respond to gestures

Researchers have now developed a new form of low-power wireless sensing technology that recognises gestures in the space around the phone.


New smartphone app gives sight to the blind

The app will enable blind people from reading menus in restaurants to browsing handouts in the classroom.


LIVE: Android One smartphones launch

Google is all set to launch the first set of affordable Android One smartphones from India on Monday.


Addicted to smartphone? Try NoPhone

NoPhone acts as a phone surrogate for those addicted to their smartphones, media reports said.


Six new features in the Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

At 6.8mm and 7.1mm, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are the thinnest phones from Apple.