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Men battle sexual temptations even after marriage

According to a study, newly-wedded men expressed surprise that sexual temptations continued to haunt them.


Most Britons not satisfied with sex life

One in four people admit to being unfaithful at one time in their lives, said the survey, adding that a fifth of those surveyed felt tempted to cheat.

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Under the Cover, Between the Sheets: Sex is a tricky thing in fiction

Sex is a tricky thing to master in the bedroom. It is tougher still in fiction, to craft a moment between characters who will engage in a certain kind of intimacy.


Three Letter Word: How do we tell the children?

Even if you block their internet and disconnect the TV, a whisper from a friend, the lyrics of a pop song, the subtext in their history book will get to them.


Short men have more sex

If you are moderately short or even short, do not worry as you will be a champion when it comes to performing the real act.


Oxytocin dose before sex may enhance pleasure

According to a study, if Oxytocin is taken before love-making, it can result in an intense orgasm and greater satisfaction.


Orgasm opens up partners more in bed!

According to a promising study, orgasm not only reinforces intimate bonds between partners but also improves communication between them.


Relationship OCD can ruin your sex life

Do you keep thinking whether your partner loves you or not? You could be suffering from relationship OCD.


Each minute, 2,500 Britons are making love!

Each minute, 2,500 Britons engage in love amounting to a staggering 900 million encounters of the close kind a year.


Men suffer more headaches during sex than women

Do you often suffer a headache while making love or after the act — don’t worry for you are not alone.

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Underprivileged girls fall victim to sexual assaults in China

Children of migrant workers more likely to be preys of sexual assault in developed areas.

Husband forces wife to have sex for his promotion

She alleged that when her husband wanted promotion,transfer and an official quarters in Bhopal,he made her have sex with four others.

Looks Like love

Shuddh Desi Romance explores the new confused definitions that the Indian youth gives to relationships


B.A. Pass,Nasha: Erotica steps out of Bollywood’s closet

Film-maker Amit Saxena states that it’s time to take in making bold films rather than hide behind steamy item numbers and getting U/A certificates

Anaemia may raise dementia risk: study

Anaemia,or low levels of red blood cells,may increase the risk of dementia,says study.


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