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Hop into bed once a week for a healthy relationship

Some previous studies and self-help books, have claimed that more sex equals more happiness.

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Why more sex is better for your relationship

A study found that more often couples had sex, the more strongly they associated their partners with positive attributes.

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Let’s Talk: What women really want — female sex myths busted

It’s time to put some of the pseudo-scientific claims to rest.

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Your DNA can predict when you’ll have sex for the first time

Substantial proportion of variation in age at first sex is due to genetic factors, which likely act through a variety of biological mechanisms.

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‘Teenagers receiving less sex education from parents, schools’

The fact that schools are teaching less about birth control, sexually transmitted diseases and HIV/AIDS, and saying no to sex is alarming.

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This is why humans are monogamous

A study shows that in a large population, the presence of STIs decreases fertility rates more among males with multiple partners, therefore, changing which mating behaviour proves to be most beneficial to individuals and groups.

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Let’s Talk: The four biggest sex myths about men busted

Some of the sex myths can be really harmful for the human psyche, especially in a country like India with little or no sex ed.

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Travel more to ramp up your sex life (and lose weight!)

According to the survey, more than one million respondents said that travelling increased their sex drive.

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Let’s Talk: How to rekindle your sex life after having a baby

Having a child is a great thing, but don’t let it stop you from being intimate with your partner.

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Shy Indians shop sexual wellness products online: Survey

Based on feedback received from users and buyers, the findings showed that 76% of participants felt that buying sexual wellness products offline might make them feel uncomfortable and embarrassed.

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Hotmess: Delhi welcomes a one-of-a-kind aphrodisiac bar

The menu at Hotmess offers dishes with a variety of innovative recipes using aphrodisiac ingredients like hot chillies, asparagus and avocodos, bananas, etc.

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Let’s Talk: How to spice up foreplay for a better sex life

‘Foreplay’ sounds like an appetizer with intercourse as the main course, but skipping foreplay is rarely a good idea. Give foreplay a whole new twist with these fun yet sensual tips.

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The body is a wonderland

Multimedia project Agents of Ishq is on a mission to open up the conversation on love, sex and desire in all their manifestations.

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Want better sex? Play the music loud tonight

Over all, the music listeners reported having 67 per cent more sex.

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Want some amazing sex with your partner? Here’s what you need to do

At times, it’s not just about the chemistry you share.

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