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Coffee not associated with lifestyle diseases

Have coffee daily to boost your sex life

Two to three cups of coffee a day can help you rev up your sex life, interesting research has found.


Men like to get intimate at 7.54 am, women at 11:21 pm

In the survey, different sex drives were observed, but most people tend to find sexual happiness with a partner with similar needs.


Is this the secret to a happy married life?

According to a new study, unhappy newly married women have sex for three to four times a month while the happy women have it 11 times a month.

And men are three times more likely to have a headache during sex than women.

Decreased sexual activity could lower testosterone levels

Cutting down on your sexual activities with age may lead to lower levels of serum testosterone.


Grow old with one partner for super sex life

Couples who stay together forever have sex more frequently than those who choose to remarry.


Men with bigger bellies last longer in sex: Study

According to a year-long survey involving 200 men in Turkey, overweight men with obvious bellies can last an amazing five minutes longer during sex than slim men.


Sex behind the wheel dangerous for youngsters: Survey

Sex behind the wheel can distract young drivers, leading to over-speeding and even a crash in some cases.


Spicy foods boost men’s sex drive

Serve your husband some spicy food if you want some real action between the sheets tonight.


Porn addiction hampers male sexual performance: Study

Porn addiction forces men to maintain arousal and have concerns over their own sexual performance and body.


Men doing household chores get less sex: Study

Helping your spouse in household work may ruin your sex life, as women may see men less sexually attractive.


Women better at defining casual sex encounters

Overall, more than 81 percent of participants got the definitions for each phrase right and women performed better.


Repeated viewing of violence and sex ‘desensitises’ parents

When it comes to sex and violence, the more parents watch TV shows or movies with explicit scenes, the less they care about what their kids can watch.


Sex key to happiness for couples above 65

Better physical health and higher levels of sexual frequency among people above age 65 are linked to higher levels of marital satisfaction.


Shun pills, try sex to get relief from migraine

Got a throbbing or pulsing sensation in one area of the head? Forget pills and go between the sheets to relieve migraine symptoms.


Don’t mix sexual fantasies with true love life

People with high levels of psychopathic traits lean towards non-romantic sexual fantasies with anonymous and uncommitted partners.