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Putin: Russia, US need to work together towards common agendas

Putin softens his anti-American rhetoric after being highly critical after their relations reach an all time low.


Russian defence head holds US responsible for global security risks and Ukraine crisis

Russian defence officials lashed out at the US, accusing it of undermining global security by funding revolutions and expanding NATO in a bid to contain Russia.


Pak, Russia to hold first-ever joint military exercises

The agreement was reached during a meeting in Moscow between Pak Defence Min and his Russian counterpart.


Indian military contingent to march at Moscow’s Red Square on May 9

The Grenadiers Regiment has been honoured with three Param Vir Chakras since Independence.


Fighting in eastern Ukraine rages on overnight despite talks

Peace talks continue between Ukraine and Russia, fights continue on ground.

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Russia to deliver missile systems to Iran; US, Israel concerned

Missile ban on Iran was lifted by the Russian president and will deliver some of it’s own S-300s for quick delivery.


VIDEO: Around 15 dead as wildfires damage about 1,000 houses in Siberia

Local health ministry said on Monday that 15 people including a child have been confirmed dead and 393 people were injured.


Range Rover Evoque accident, drivers walks out unscathed

Range Rover Evoque flew of the flyover and landed on the road below with a ‘thud’, driver escaped without a scratch.

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Russia hints at lifting embargo on food imports from Greece

Putin hinted that Moscow could lift its embargo on food imports from Greece, which has been hurt by the ban.


Ordinary folk take up military training over Russia threat

In Poland, doctors, shopkeepers, lawmakers and others are heeding a call to receive military training in case of an invasion.


VIDEO: Russian trawler with 132 on board sinks, 56 dead, 13 missing

A russian Trawler with 132 people on board sank in the Sea of Okhotsk in Russia’s Far East on Wednesday night.

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Russia to resume space tourism in 2018

Russia to resume space tourism in 2018 after years of sending into space only professional cosmonauts and astronauts.

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WATCH VIDEO: Russian Roulette is back with(out) a bang

The new version uses tasers and is becoming an increasingly popular adventure game in Perm, Russia.

Vladmir Putin, Putin, Russia, Russia Putin, Putin absence, Russia president, Russia News, World News

Ending speculations, Putin reappears publicly after 10 days

Russian President Vladimir Putin was due to reappear in public on Monday, after an unusually long 10-day absence.

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Russia: 5 day military drills including 40,000 troops launched in the Arctic

Russia launches military drills in Arctic and other areas to check the readiness of forces and increase the armed forces’ capabilities.