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Ukraine parliament ratifies EU pact

President Petro Poroshenko called the vote a “first but very decisive step” toward bringing Ukraine fully into the European Union.


Russia to create anti-crisis fund to aid sanctions-hit companies

The money would be made available by blocking for a second year running transfers of funds from the federal budget into the Pension Fund.


Ukraine forces repel rebel attack on Donetsk airport

Ukraine had successfully repelled a rebel attack on the government-held Donetsk airport, which came under artillery fire from rebel positions.

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Putin wants to destroy Ukraine and recreate USSR: Ukraine PM

Vladimir Putin wants another frozen conflict in eastern Ukraine, says Yatseniuk.


EU sanctions hit Russian oil companies, lawmakers

The EU measures, details of which were released on Friday after a preliminary agreement on Thursday.


EU slaps new economic sanctions on Russia

The sanctions will further curb access to European capital markets for Russian banks and firms.


Ukraine pledges more autonomy to rebellious east

President Petro Poroshenko said the regions would remain part of Ukraine and rejected the idea of federalisation.


Moscow denies aircraft ‘approached’ Canadian warship

Canadian Defence Minister Rob Nicholson said that a Russian military plane had circled over the HMCS Toronto in the Black Sea.

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Cease-fire holds in eastern Ukraine

City council of Donetsk said there had been no reported casualties overnight and that public transport would be up and running.


Blasts roar near Donetsk airport in Ukraine; ceasefire on the verge of collapse

Blasts powerful enough to be heard in downtown Donetsk came from the area near the airport.


NATO exercises in eastern Europe send signal to Russia

A total of 2,000 troops from nine countries – including the US, Canada and Italy – are taking in the exercises.

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Russia ‘will react’ if EU implements new sanctions: Foreign Ministry

The EU announced the additional measures late on Friday but said they could be suspended if Moscow withdraws its troops from Ukraine.


Russia dispatches naval force to reopen Arctic base

President Putin last year ordered the military to return to a base on the far-Northern New Siberian Islands.


West prepares for fresh raft of Russia sanctions

EU and US officials said sanctions against Russia would be announced on Russia on Friday.

U.S. President Barack Obama is seated with Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko as they meet with other countries regarding Ukraine at the NATO summit at Celtic Manor in Newport, Wales, Thursday, Sept. 4, 2014. (Source: AP)

Ukraine’s NATO ambitions threaten peace talks: Russia

Russian Foreign Min Sergey Lavrov said Ukraine’s attempt to join NATO are “a blatant attempt to derail all the efforts”.


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