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Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Sergey Lavrov

German foreign minister tries to save Ukraine peace plan

German minister called for drawing a division line between the government troops and pro-Russian rebels in Ukraine.


Work starts in Ukraine to collect wreckage of MH17

Sunday’s operation is being carried out under the supervision of Dutch investigators and officials from the OSCE.


Russian TV claims it has photo of downing of MH17

Russian television has released a satellite photograph that it claims shows a Ukrainian fighter jet shot down MH17.

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Russia to G-20: We’re here. So are our warships.

Four Russian warships have entered international waters off the northeast Australian coast to coincide with Putin’s visit to Australia


Australia tracking 4 Russian navy ships off its north coast after MH17 downing

The appearance of the fleet coincides with Vladimir Putin’s arrival at the G20 summit in Brisbane this weekend.


Boost pressure on Russia over Ukraine, US tells UN council

US told UNSC there needs to be greater international pressure on Russia to abide by a ceasefire in Ukraine.


West confronts Putin at Asia-Pacific summit over Ukraine crisis and MH17

Putin had a close-up brush with Western anger over the Ukraine crisis and the downing of Flight MH17.


Ukraine accuses Russia of sending dozens of tanks

NATO had no immediate confirmation on the latest Ukrainian report.

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Spain All Saints Day

Despite spat with Russia, Poles honour Soviet troops

The diplomatic spat with Russia over Ukraine has not prevented Poles from honouring Soviet troops.

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Baltics NATO Russia

NATO jets track ‘unusual’ Russian bomber sorties

NATO aircraft tracked Russian strategic bombers over the Atlantic and Black Sea on Wednesday.

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NATO chief: what’s needed to improve Russia ties

“NATO is here to say. Russia is here to say. So we’re going to have some kind of relationship,” Stoltenberg said.

Baltics NATO Russia

Russia spy plane intercepted in NATO airspace: Alliance

NATO fighter jets intercepted a Russian spy plane over the Baltic Sea after it breached Estonian airspace.

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Rear View: A missing government, an international crisis

As the Red Army crossed into the land of the Afghans, for the US Pakistan turned almost overnight from a pariah country into a ‘frontline state’ in the war on ‘godless Russians’.


NATO wants constructive relations with Russia: Jens Stoltenberg

“There is no contradiction between a strong NATO and building constructive relations with Russia,” said Stoltenberg.


Coalition of the unwilling

Obama’s strategy on the IS is flawed, shows no lesson has been learned.