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Russia spy plane intercepted in NATO airspace: Alliance

NATO fighter jets intercepted a Russian spy plane over the Baltic Sea after it breached Estonian airspace.

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Rear View: A missing government, an international crisis

As the Red Army crossed into the land of the Afghans, for the US Pakistan turned almost overnight from a pariah country into a ‘frontline state’ in the war on ‘godless Russians’.


NATO wants constructive relations with Russia: Jens Stoltenberg

“There is no contradiction between a strong NATO and building constructive relations with Russia,” said Stoltenberg.


Coalition of the unwilling

Obama’s strategy on the IS is flawed, shows no lesson has been learned.


Ukraine says won’t pull back troops without full ceasefire

Kiev and pro-Russian rebels are supposed to pull back their forces and weaponry to create a 30-kilometre wide buffer zone.


NATO reviews ties with Russia as new truce reached in Ukraine

The NATO talks started hours after negotiators representing Kiev and Ukraine’s pro-Russian separatists signed a new nine-point deal.


G-20 nations want Vladimir Putin at leaders’ summit

There had been question marks over whether Moscow should be invited to the high-powered forum.


Two lonely powers

The US and China are isolated in their own ways.


Ukraine parliament ratifies EU pact

President Petro Poroshenko called the vote a “first but very decisive step” toward bringing Ukraine fully into the European Union.


Russia to create anti-crisis fund to aid sanctions-hit companies

The money would be made available by blocking for a second year running transfers of funds from the federal budget into the Pension Fund.


Ukraine forces repel rebel attack on Donetsk airport

Ukraine had successfully repelled a rebel attack on the government-held Donetsk airport, which came under artillery fire from rebel positions.

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Putin wants to destroy Ukraine and recreate USSR: Ukraine PM

Vladimir Putin wants another frozen conflict in eastern Ukraine, says Yatseniuk.


EU sanctions hit Russian oil companies, lawmakers

The EU measures, details of which were released on Friday after a preliminary agreement on Thursday.


EU slaps new economic sanctions on Russia

The sanctions will further curb access to European capital markets for Russian banks and firms.


Ukraine pledges more autonomy to rebellious east

President Petro Poroshenko said the regions would remain part of Ukraine and rejected the idea of federalisation.