Rajiv Gandhi

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24 yrs ago, another ‘snooping’ case that shaped history

On March 2, 1991, two Haryana constables — Prem Singh and Raj Singh — were arrested for ‘snooping’ outside Rajiv Gandhi’s home at 10, Janpath.


Soldier who attacked Rajiv says Modi must not interfere in Lankan affairs

While Rajiv Gandhi was the last PM to come to Lanka on a bilateral visit, former PM Manmohan Singh visited the country in 2008 for the SAARC summit.


Rear view: Rajiv’s resounding defeat in 1989

His attempts, at home and abroad, to mitigate the opposition’s challenge came to nought.


Healthcare in Sangam Vihar is tale of a long, 50-yard gap

Sangam Vihar still doesn’t have even one government health centre with beds or inpatient facilities.


Rear view: Lost in Lanka

Rajiv Gandhi’s Colombo policy was flawed. It turned both Tamils and Sinhalese against New Delhi and dented the image of the Indian army.


Lanka to prosecute LTTE leader wanted for Rajiv Gandhi killing

Kumaran Pathmanathan was “arrested” In August 2009 and welcomed in Lanka as a VVIP.


Rear View: How Rajiv had a great fall

He didn’t learn from past mistakes. Instead, he opened new battlefronts, made new enemies.


How ‘Mr Clean’ lost his shine

The spat with V.P. Singh and the Bofors scandal dented Rajiv Gandhi’s image. After that, he could do nothing right.


Rear view: The era of the politics of appeasement

Rajiv Gandhi’s attempt to please conservatives among Muslims and Hindus cost him the support of both


The rise of ‘Mr Clean’

Rajiv Gandhi was very popular in his initial years in office. But he could not deliver on his promises.


For Rahul to be bold

He needs to take a leaf out of his great-grandfather’s book.


Want to write tell-all book on Indira and Rajiv, says Dhawan

R K Dhawan says he is “inclined” to write a book that will “reveal a lot” about the former Prime Minister.


A dynasty is born

By the time Indira Gandhi was hit by tragedy, it was already clear that her family would inherit control of the party and the country.

Defensive no more

At UN, Modi hints at a more innovative and assured approach on multilateral issues.


Reading India and world, through PMs’ speeches

UNGA speeches aren’t usually epoch-making. But looking back, they do give a fascinating glimpse into India’s changing sense of itself on the world stage.