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Working on manned space mission: ISRO chairman

Indian science congress Keen on putting to use technology developed by students, says Radhakrishnan.

The Surprise Package

In which Modi speaks English, Sai Baba is declared Muslim and Tapas Pal becomes world infamous in India.

Modi has indicated great admiration for four other countries whose leaders have similar CEO styles: China, Japan, South Korea and Singapore.

At PSLV-C23 rocket launch, PM Modi asks ISRO to plan for SAARC satellite as he lauds scientists

This was PSLV’s fourth fully commercial launch and ISRO’s mission number 114.


Prime Minister to witness launch of ISRO’s PSLV C-23 rocket

The PSLV-C23 rocket will be launched from Satish Dhawan Space Centre (SHAR) in Sriharikota.


India launches second navigation satellite IRNSS 1B

“PSLV, in its 25th successive successful flight, injected IRNSS-1B very precisely…” said ISRO
Chairman K Radhakrishnan.

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Singapore to launch first commercial satellite TeLEOS-1 with ISRO’s help

The TeLEOS-1 is equipped with an electro-optical camera capable of taking images at ground resolution of one metre.


Mars mission launched,ISRO now gears up for Dec 15 GSLV test flight

GSLV is 49 metre tall and capable of launching satellites which are 2000 kg-2500 kg.

Cabinet nod for second Vehicle Assembly Building at Sriharikota

SDSC SHAR currently has two operation launchpads providing launch support for satellites.

GSLV launch aborted after fuel leak

The 29-hour countdown that began on Sunday progressed smoothly till about two hours before the scheduled launch.


India launches first ever dedicated navigation satellite,joins elite club

The data from the satellite would help the country in disaster management.

India to test fly heaviest rocket next year: ISRO

The new rocket,which can put a four tonne satellite in orbit,will help Antrix Corporation,ISRO’s commercial arm,to offer cheapest space launches in niche market.

India successfully launches GSAT-12

GSAT-12 was injected into an elliptical Transfer Orbit of 284 km perigee and 21,000 km apogee.


Most-powerful PSLV to launch GSAT-12 next week

It’s only for the second time ever that PSLV is being used to loft a communication satellite.


2010 saw both highs and lows on science front

Controversy also flavoured the year – be it in case of GM foods or mishandling of radiation sources in Delhi.

ISRO to send 3 satellites on board PSLV early next yr

ISRO intended to make a series of launches in 2011-2012 including a ‘Youth Satellite’.

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