Prakash Karat

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View from the right

Echoing the message delivered by various speakers at the WHC — that Hinduism is the answer to the problems faced by the world.

CPM launches all-India Dalit front to press for special Parliament session

Speaking at the launch of the Manch, CPM general secretary Prakash Karat said the BJP was trying to pit Dalits against Muslims and Christians to further their Hindutva agenda.

Mamata, Left leaders accept Sonia invite

Sources in SP, JD(U) and RJD said the parties have received the invitation, and their leaders will collectively decide on attending.


CPM identifies twin dangers: BJP at Centre, TMC in Bengal

Karat accepted that the party suffered major setbacks in the Lok Sabha elections

CPM to hit streets against govt policies

There will be a campaign against all these (issues discussed at the meeting) across the country and there will be mass demonstration in New Delhi.

Yechury has his way, Karat agrees to rewrite CPM draft review report

The anti-Karat faction said the plenum would also give them an opportunity to point out mistakes made by the leadership.

Thin red line

A CPM in decline mulls adopting a more dogmatic Leftism. That could be misguided



Prakash Karat to revise a 35-year-old tactical line that has brought the party significant success, but seems to be flagging of late.


Yechury waves a red flag over party resolution

Yechury’s repudiation of the official draft is the latest incident in the tug of war between him and Karat.


Prakash Karat calls for dropping sedition charge from IPC

Referring to the arrest of Salman, Karat said this was the latest incident of the heinous use of this cruel law (sedition).

Open to joining hands with secular forces: Karat

CPM said the Left is open to cooperating with secular forces, but continues to have issues with the Congress.

Jagan met Karat to seek his support against the government's move on Telangana. (Express Archive)

Narendra Modi govt has burdened people with rail fair hike: Prakash Karat

The govt has failed to contain inflation, particularly the prices of essential commodities,” Karat said.

Poll defeat: CPM brass to review political line

The CPM has been reduced to nine seats, down from 16 in the last Lok Sabha and 44 in the previous one.


Left protests rigging, wants fresh poll in 3,200 booths

Brinda Karat said media showed how TMC goons cast fake votes, but EC’s special observer did not get to see anything wrong there.

Delhi Confidential: Rate Cut

CPM general secretary Prakash Karat had a light moment during an otherwise intense exchange of views with women journalists on Saturday. Asked about the role of money power and the “going rate” for voters in Tamil Nadu, Karat said the rates were “much lower” this time. After a hearty laugh, he said the rates were in fact “half this time”. Not only did this elicit a round of laughter but also jokes about how this reflected the state of the economy.