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We feel let down by PM Modi’s self-inflicted humiliation by the Chinese

The cancellation of Dolkun Isa’s visa under Chinese pressure has had the result of weakening India in the world’s perception

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Triple talaq issue: Will urge PM Modi not to interfere with Shariat laws, says Muslim law board

The board’s remarks come weeks after the Supreme Court sought the Centre’s response in a plea challenging the constitutionality of Muslim practices of polygamy, triple talaq and nikah halala.

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Press restart

On dialogue with Pakistan, Delhi must now write a quieter, more careful script.

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The Modi-Sharif Opportunity

Talks must continue to be resilient against disruptions in the normalisation process.

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Delhi confidential: Continental Friends

After a short break, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s team for his NRI outreach has become busy again.

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Inside track: When Sonia Gandhi went sari shopping

From LK Advani’s wedding anniversary party to the long standoff between the Home Ministry and the Ford Foundation in India. We get you the details from Lutyen’s Delhi.

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PM Narendra Modi adopts second village in Varanasi

In the first phase of SAGY, the PM had adopted Jayapur village in Sevapuri Assembly segment of Varanasi.

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When Modi became PM there was hope he’d give India a new economic philosophy. That hope is beginning to die

It was good to hear the Prime Minister speak in the Lok Sabha last week. Not just because he made a good speech but because we need to hear him a lot more and his rabidly Hindutva ministers a lot less.

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Their father ill, minors write to PM Modi for aid, his office responds

Mishra (50), a resident of Sanjay Gandhi Nagar locality, is suffering from acute asthma for the past two years and had not been able to take up his private job of tailoring for past six months.

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Ruckus mars session: Azam Khan demands video footage of PM-Nawaz meet in Pakistan

“Prime Minister Narendra Modi went to Pakistan breaking all the rules and met an international criminal. They should release the photo and video as to who else was present in the room. BJP should first clarify its relationship with Dawood,” Azam said.

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Across the aisle- MGNREGA: Making a meal of words

MGNREGA was never about “digging pits”; nor is it a “monument to failure”. As Mr Modi has made a meal of his words, the time has come to convert the programme into one that will create “durable assets” and become a “monument to social justice”

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Mayawati: Atrocities against Dalits have increased since Modi came to power

The BJP ideology, which is based on casteism and Hindutva, has not yet changed and it seems to have broken all records of Dalit exploitation,” Mayawati told reporters here.

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Simply put: How important is the tribal vote in Assam’s election?

Indian Express gives the background of the PM’s promise of ST status to Karbis and Bodos.

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Fifth column: A vital year

The most worrying failure of Modi’s first two years as PM has been the absence of job creation. So possibly, the most important thing he can do this year is find out why more jobs are not being created.

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Out of my mind: The way ahead

BJP government has faced an unprecedented Opposition for reasons which are well known. The Prime Minister has to show that much has been done and more will be done.

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