P Chidambaram

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Finance Ministry, P Chidambaram, AICC, Arun Jaitley, Union Budget 2015

P Chidambaram asks Modi: ‘Why is it being implemented in Gujarat?’

Chidambaram said the Prime Minister’s comment was “extremely unfortunate” and amounted to insulting the poor.

Finance Ministry, P Chidambaram, AICC, Arun Jaitley, Union Budget 2015

Opinion: Losing the Victor Hugo moment

Corporates will get a relief of Rs 20,000 crore every year over four years beginning 2016-17.

Finance Ministry, P Chidambaram, AICC, Arun Jaitley, Union Budget 2015

‘Budget pro-corporate, unkind to poor’

Top Congress leadership takes aim at Budget


Across the Aisle: What will the FM do with 282?

Mr Narendra Modi and his ministers started by believing their election rhetoric that the Indian economy was in the doldrums.


Across the Aisle: Jan Dhan stands tall on UPA’s shoulders

Like the Republic Day march: left-right, jan-dhan, left-right…The name has a nice ring to it.


Indian economy: Change in base year pushes FY14 GDP growth to 6.9 per cent

Commenting on the data, former finance minister P Chidambaram defended the previous government.


Across the Aisle: Will the campaign end after R-Day?

Never before 2014 did India’s election witness such a masterly combination of organisation, money, technology


Across the Aisle: Stand up and be counted

The ordinance tilts the LARR Act in favour of the promoter of the project and against the land owner.

Army day, Narendra Modi, Modi army day, Narendra Modi army day

Across the Aisle: The State of the Union 2015

2014 was the year of acrimony. 2015 promises to be the year of acronyms.

Falling short, again

Coming budget should look at more dynamic fiscal targets linked to realistic growth scenarios.

India’s spy agencies more toothless than ever

India has been forced to rely for information on legal requests to service providers-responses to which often arrive too late to be of use, officers say.

Chidambaram: Why KVP? There are better options

The KVP, which was launched by finance minister Arun Jaitley on Tuesday offers a fixed interest rate of about 8.5 per cent.


Bring bill to amend AFSPA: PC

Chidambaram, while he was a minister in the UPA II govt had been of the view that AFSPA should be made a more humanitarian law

Cong: 2G scam a conspiracy with ex-CAG Rai at its pivot

Congress member, who Rai says helped calculate losses, joined BJP.


Manmohan Singh should have put foot down, cancelled 2G licences, says Chidambaram

My suggestion to cancel licences was considered, but fear of litigation by licencees held govt back’