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The Find 7 is priced Rs 37,990

Oppo Find 7 review: Finding a new horizon

If you manage to find one, buy this phone for its stunning screen, great build and top of the line specs

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Oppo Find 7 at Rs 37,990. Flagship smartphone are becoming cheaper

The phone comes with a lot of innovative features not available in other models at the moment and is priced at Rs 37,990.

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Oppo Joy is priced Rs 8,990

Oppo Joy review: Good screen and camera, but Moto E might be a killjoy

Oppo has done a neat job of packaging decent specs at its entry level price point

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Oppo Joy has a 4.0-inch WVGA HD screen

Oppo Joy is aimed at young and is priced at Rs 8,990

The phone has a unique feature called Hotknot that enables secure file sharing.

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