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Muslim support imperative to defeat ISIL and al-Qaeda: Obama

Obama said ISIL and al-Qaeda are desperate for legitimacy by portraying themselves as holy warriors in defense of religion.

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Obama argues law and history on his side in immigration case

Obama argues US law and history on his side in legal dispute over order to protect immigrants from deportation.

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Ukraine President confident of getting US weapons

Government forces have been fighting Russia-backed separatists in eastern Ukraine for 10 months in a conflict


Obama gives new thrust to Asia Pacific re-balance

Obama asserts that the Asia-Pacific region remains a key priority to him.


Obama continues to review Ukraine policy: White House

Obama continues to asses strategies to isolate Putin and convince him to eevaluate his strategy.


US-India nuclear ‘breakthrough’ could be finalised within year

Though some details still need to be processed, officials of both countries are hopeful that US-India breakthrough will happen this year.


China against Obama meeting Dalai Lama

“China is opposed to any nation or government using the Tibet issue to interfere in China’s domestic affairs.”

Obama, in interview, weighs in on Islamic State captive

“We want to make sure we do anything we can to make sure that any American citizen is rescued from this situation.”

Extremism summit, extremism, Obama, White House, islamic state, ISIS, ISIL, al qaeda, al qaida, US summit, US, Islam, terrorism, muslims, World News

Military conflict between US and Russia would be unwise: Obama

Obama condemns the policies of his Russian counterpart discussing the US-Russia relationship in a recent interview.

Break-up of Breakthrough

Section 17(b) allows operators to claim damages from vendors if a nuclear incident is caused by ‘patent or latent defect’ in supply of equipment or services.


The erasure of a president

To his opponents, Obama’s greatest sins are his success and his self.

In GOP’s hands

Obama presidency is now lame-duck. But that doesn’t mean US government will grind to a halt.


End of the American century

Obama’s strategic failures in dealing with the IS indicates how far US hegemony has been eroded.


Narendra Modi gifts Bhagavad Gita to Obama

PM Narendra Modi gifts Bhagavad Gita to US President Barack Obama on his maiden visit to US.

Highlights: Narendra Modi’s speech at Madison Square

After delivering a power-packed speech at UNGA, PM Modi addresses a packed Madison Square.