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Obama vows to keep Arab allies secure amid Iran nuclear deal fears

Obama is seeking to reassure the Gulf leaders that the US overtures to Iran will not come at the expense of commitments to their security.

US President Barack Obama (Source: AP)

Obama gave CIA ‘secret waiver’ for Pakistan drone strikes: Report

Obama, in his directive, stated that proposed targets should pose an imminent threat to the US but the waiver exempted the CIA from this standard in Pakistan.

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Obama says ‘no greater threat to planet than climate change’

US President Barack Obama said today that climate change poses the world’s biggest single threat.


Modi’s story from poverty to PM reflects dynamism of India’s rise: Barack Obama

“PM Modi recognises that more than 1 billion Indians living and succeeding together can be an inspiring model for the world,” Obama said.

U.S. President Barack Obama (L) shakes hands with Cuban President Raul Castro (C) in this still image taken from video courtesy of the South Africa Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) at the First National Bank (FNB) Stadium, also known as Soccer City, during former South African President Nelson Mandela's national memorial service in Johannesburg December 10, 2013. Obama shook the hand of Castro at a memorial to Nelson Mandela. (Reuters)

A chance at normal US Cuba relations: Obama, Castro to have a historic sit-down today

Generations of tensed relationships between US and Cuba likely to fade away after the two premiers meet.

U.S. President Barack Obama, right middle row, and Cuban President Raul Castro, left middle row, and other world Leaders participates in the inauguration ceremony of the Summit of the Americas arrival ceremony in Panama City, Panama, Friday, April 10, 2015. (AP Photo)

Obama, Castro historic handshake: a step towards better relations

America Summit to be a remarkable display of reconciliation between US and Cuba.

Barack Obama,

Obama looking to chart a less conflicting future with Latin America

Amid the focus on the future, the ghosts of the past were close at hand, and some preferred to stir old grudges.


Obama, Castro meet to relaunch diplomatic relations after 50 years

Cuba’s inclusion for the first time in the American Summit is an opportunity to prove itself on the world stage.

Barack Obama, Portia Simpson-Miller, Perry G. Christie

Jamaica asks Obama to exonerate celeberated leader Garvey

Jamaica’s leader asked President Barack Obama to exonerate black nationalist leader Marcus Garvey.

Barack Obama, Natasha Clark

Obama visits Bob Marley Museum on first US presidential trip since 1982

Obama, the first US president to visit Jamaica in three decades, tried to rekindle an enthusiasm that has waned amid a perceived lack of attention.

US President Barack Obama (Source: AP)

Obama expresses condolences over plane crash in French Alps

US President Barack Obama expressed condolences towards the victims of plane crash in French Alps

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu greets supporters at the party's election headquarters in Tel Aviv.

Obama’s chief of staff rejects Netanyahu’s apology, calls his comments troubling

White House chief of staff rejected Benjamin Netanyahu’s offensive comments about Palestinian Statehood.

The biggest damage to Obama came from the fact that many of his supporters felt a sense of betrayal.

Obama: Iran nuclear talks an opportunity to reinstate US-Iran diplomatic relations

President Barack Obama told Iranians there might not be a second chance at better relations with the US.


Obama congratulates Netanyahu, says US reassessing Israel-Palestine peace approach

Obama stressed the US’ close security cooperation with Israel, but also emphasized the US commitment to the creation of a Palestinian state.

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Obama on Jimmy Kimmel Live: Reacts to Ferguson shootings, reads ‘mean tweets’ and banters about life in the White House

‘There was no excuse for criminal acts, and whoever fired those shots shouldn’t detract from the issue.’