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Nepal vows new rules after worst trekking disaster

At least 41 people were killed last week when a blizzard and avalanches swept the mountains of the Annapurna region in northern Nepal.


Nepal closes trekking route after 38 die in avalanche

The dead from the blizzards and avalanches included foreign trekkers, local guides and villagers.


Nepal snowstorm kills 3 Indians; death toll rises to 30

Sixteen people, nine Nepalese, three Polish, three Israelis and one Vietnamese were killed and as many as 19 others were injured.


Nextdoor Nepal: In reverse gear

Prachanda stepping in to take charge of the peace process does not inject any fresh hope.


Death of a citizen

A story of a murder and fast to death roils Nepal.


Domestic help locks woman in bathroom, flees with valuables

Anil’s wife told the police that she was alone when the incident took place around 2.30 pm.


Jitu Rai: Farming potatoes in Nepal to first gold for India at Asian Games

Since June, Jitu Rai has won gold medals at World Cup, Commonwealth Games and World Championship.

Rajnath tells Nepal to check radical centres along border

A Joint Working Group led by the surveyor generals of both the countries are also meeting in Kathmandu.

No convergence

Some Nepalese leaders, unhappy with Modi’s new approach, are preparing to raise the ‘ek madhes, ek pradesh’ demand.


Strife and modernity collide elegantly in Pakistani TV shows

Strife and modernity collide elegantly in Pakistani TV shows.


The Maoist example

If Nepal’s former radicals persist with the democratic path, will their Indian counterparts shun violence?


Nepal Treaty

The treaty is the successor to a series of agreements negotiated between the British Raj and the Kingdom of Nepal.

Kathmandu beginning

PM spoke to Nepal in a new language. Now he must make Delhi stay the course.


2014 and beyond: India, Nepal agree to refresh 1950 treaty

Modi trip: ‘High-level visits vital for close ties’

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Kosi flood threat blows over, alert withdrawn from six districts

Bihar government withdraws flood threat from six out of nine districts.