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Delhi has a pinch of salt, bunch of spies

The Indian Express is withholding the names of the three men identified from the photographs, as well as the others.

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IS hostage crisis: Should we believe Masih or govt, asks Victims’ kin

The frustrated families are also unsure of whom to trust: Masih, who claims that all 39 have been killed or the government, which disagrees with him.

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Islamic State group tightens its grip on Mosul residents

Freedom from the Islamic State group comes at a steep price, as one newly wedded couple recently discovered. Eager to live a normal life, away from the harsh dominion of the militants’ self-styled caliphate, the young pair is searching for ways to bypass the extremists’ newly-implemented departure taxes and escape the IS-held city of Mosul. […]


The shadow of IS

Conflict in Syria continues to strain relations between Turkey and the US.


ISIS frees 49 Turkish hostages

The freed hostages were later to be flown to Ankara to be reunited with their families. They were advised not to immediately talk to the news media.


The massacre of the Yazidis

After the Islamic State’s killings, who will give the community refuge?

An Iraqi Shiite fighter chants slogans against the al-Qaida-inspired Islamic State group during Friday prayers in the Shiite holy city of Karbala, 50 miles (80 kilometers) south of Baghdad, Iraq, Friday, July 11, 2014. (Source: AP)

Iraq TV: Airstrike kills 60 militants in north

According to the report, the dawn strike targeted a downtown prison that was being used by ISIS members as a religious court.


Iraq crisis: Fears mount over the Mosul missing

Officials say they are made to work for insurgents; Kurdish official talks of violence but can’t confirm.


Islamic State claims wave of Baghdad bombings

Saturday’s blasts were the deadliest in the Iraqi capital since the Sunni insurgency erupted in Mosul.


US condemns religious and ethnic prosecution by ISIL in Iraq

US strongly condemns the terrorist group ISIL’s systematic persecution of ethnic and religious minorities in Iraq.


Sushma dials Gulf Ministers as ISIS moves nurses to Mosul

They have all been extremely positive and have assured assistance in the current situation, said sources.

ISIS wanted to take us to Mosul, we refused, say stranded nurses in Tikrit

The nurses said it was not safe to move along with the ISIS men to Mosul as there was the risk of attacks by the Iraqi military in transit.


Militants seize Iraq border post, kill 30 troops

Allied militants seized the crossing near the border town of Qaim.


Evacuation of Indians from Iraq big challenge for Centre: Omar Abdullah

Omar also said the situation in Iraq might have an effect on oil prices and thereby give rise to inflation here.


Iraqis start returning only a few days after Mosul fell

The return underscores the profound sectarianism cleaving Iraq and the anger that Sunnis have for al-Maliki’s government.