Monica Lewinsky

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Hillary Clinton says she has ‘moved on’ from Lewinsky scandal

I think everybody needs to look to the future, said Clinton.

Monica Lewinsky

Clinton took advantage of me, but it was consensual, says Monica Lewinsky

“I, myself, deeply regret what happened between me and President Clinton”, says Lewinsky over her affair with Bill Clinton.


Monica Lewinsky’s belongings up for auction

Monica Lewinsky’s items are expected to fetch between USD 25,000 and USD 50,000.


Monica Lewinsky living with mother,still struggling with weight

Monica has reportedly been offered $12 mn for a tell-all book about her affair with Clinton.

Monica may publish love letters to Clinton

Monica Lewinsky is set to write a tell-all book about her torrid affair with Bill Clinton,including her intimate love letters to the US ex-president.


Monica Lewinsky to publish secret love letters to Bill Clinton

Lewinsky plans to describe his ‘insatiable desire for threesome’.

Not rape,but refusing sex to John F Kennedy was not on: Intern

Despite the multiple sexual encounters,Kennedy never kissed the intern.


Ex-aides speak of ‘womaniser’ Bill Clinton,Monica Lewinsky

One aide recalled dealing with “25 women a day” who came into the office looking for Clinton.


‘Monica Lewinsky eyed another man before Prez Clinton’

Lewinsky had been seen constantly flirting with Clinton aide Stephanopoulos.


Bill Clinton lied under oath about our affair: Lewinsky

Monica Lewinsky has claimed that Bill Clinton lied under oath when he described their romantic encounters during his impeachment trial.