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To Catch a Feast

A hunt, a trap, a chase, Christmas in rural Mizoram is still done the old way.


Mizoram: 260 logs of seized red sandalwood goes missing from customs station

The seized consignment was kept inside the Zokhawthar Land Custom Station, but almost 95 percent of the stash has disappeared since.

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Mizoram Police arrest minor boy for raping 67-year-old relative

The juvenile offender is currently being held at the Ngopa police station and is scheduled to be taken to district headquarters Champhai.

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Container of preserved bones in cave-tomb found broken, scattered in eastern Mizoram

According to the society, the human bones at Lamsial Puk have been scientifically dated to be from the mid-17th century.

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Mizoram strict on implementation of new alcohol law

The Home Minister warned department officials of potentially strict disciplinary actions in case of any lapses in enforcing the new law.

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Earth Quake jolts Mizoram

The tremor was also felt at the Mizoram-Myanmar border villages like Khawbung and Khawhai.

Mizoram starts league for basketball

Under the agreement signed by MBBA president Chalrosanga and Zonet Director Vanneihtluanga, Zonet will invest Rs 20 lakh for the first five years to organize the Mizoram Super League.


How to stop officers overusing police vehicles? Mizoram Home Department has a plan

“There are some cases where the Officer-in-Charge (OC) or 2nd OC use police vehicles to learn driving.,” said Home Minister R Lalzirliana.

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31 kidnappings in Mizoram over four years, 29 of them at gunpoint, says state Home Minister

All the kidnappings took place in the border area with Tripura and Bangladesh.

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Slicing off 1,000 km, to bring Mizoram closer to the world

Mizoram is set to come closer to the rest of India and the world with a new road linking it to Myanmar, and onward to Kolkata. But there are challenges.

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Mizoram Assembly adopts resolution condemning racist attacks on people from North East

“Even 67 years after Independence, people from the North East have been discriminated against because of the color of our skin…”

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Mizoram plans to build second airport in light of upcoming trade route

CM Lal Thanhawla said the govt has identified a site and that it is waiting for a nod from the Civil Aviation Ministry before construction begins.

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Mizoram Assembly passes Lokayukta legislation, frivolous complaints could lead to arrest

Complainants can be punished with a fine or imprisonment by the special court if a frivolous complaint led to an arrest of the accused.

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Mizoram Assembly ratifies amendment for setting up National Judicial Appointments Commission

The amendment bill had earlier been accepted by both houses of Parliament.

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Four men, including a Myanmar national, arrested for heroin possession

All four men have been booked under the NDPS Act.