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Three differences between MH370 and AirAsia Flight QZ8501 incidents

The disappearance of AirAsia Flight QZ8501 inevitably brings back memories of the mystery behind flight MH370.


With huge search area mapped, MH370 hunt resuming

Malaysia and Australia are each contributing around USD 60 million to fund the search.


Malaysia Airlines renames ‘bucket list’ ticket contest

A “bucket list” refers to things someone wants to do before dying, or “kicking the bucket.”


Malaysia Airlines to slash 6,000 jobs in bold revamp

The 42-year-old company will be de-listed by the end of the year under the broad revival plan.


2 held for stealing over USD 30,000 from MH370 victims

Police were also looking for a Pakistani man believed to be involved in the fraudulent withdrawals.


Malaysia Airlines crew member sexually assaults passenger

The staff member in question was detained following allegations by a passenger travelling on flight MH20 from Kuala Lumpur to Paris.

The search for MH370 has been continually frustrated and last week Australia ruled out an area considered a possible resting place of the plane after a mini-sub dived repeatedly to the seabed and found nothing. (Source: AP)

How planes are tracked

India: In May, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation directed all domestic airlines and non-scheduled operators to track aircraft carrying passengers and cargo real time by using ACARS or ADS-B.


Interactive: Worst plane tragedies in the last three months

An interactive look at the three worst plane crashes that happened in the last three months.


After MH370 disappearance, Australian family loses two more members to MH17 crash

An Australian family mourning their son and his wife learnt that their step-granddaughter and her husband were on MH17.


MH370 probe: Investigators discover fresh evidence of cockpit tampering

MH370 probe throws light on possible new evidence of tampering with the plane’s cockpit equipment.


MH370 pilot ‘chief suspect’ in case of foul play: report

The criminal inquiry does not rule out the possibility the Boeing 777-200 plane was lost due to mechanical failure or terrorism.


Malaysia vows to track down MH370; authors claim foul play

Authors from New Zealand claimed that the MH370 tragedy was not an accident. It was deliberate and calculated.


Missing Malaysian Jetliner: Underwater sound examined for links

The noise could have come from a natural event, such as a small earthquake, Duncan said.


Missing MH370 plane searchers rule out Indian Ocean as final resting place

Investigators have concluded an area where acoustic signals were detected is not the final resting place.


Malaysia releases satellite data on missing jet

Data is based on complex calculations derived from hourly transmissions between the plane and a communications satellite.