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Mexican military kills 19, suffers no casualties

Mexico says 19 suspects died in three nearly simultaneous confrontations just across the border from Texas.

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Mexico mass murder: Hunt for 43 students highlights Mexico’s missing

Instead of finding the 43, authorities are asking “Who are the 28?”


Mexico mass grave: Gunshots sowed panic before killings in Mexico

Attorney General Jesus Murillo Karam declined late Tuesday to speculate on any link between the speech and the violence.


Mexico mass murder: Federal police take over Mexico city after attacks

The newly created preventative unit of the federal police was tasked with keeping order in Iguala.


Mexico murder: Hitmen admit killing 17 of 43 missing Mexican students

The chief prosecutor of violence-plagued Guerrero state said it would take at least 15 days to identify the 28 bodies in the grave.


Mass grave found near Mexico town

About 100 soldiers, marines and federal and state police cordoned off the area and kept journalists away from the burial pits.

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Mexico’s circuses caught up in animal rights spat

Mexico City and six of Mexico’s 32 states have now banned circus animals.


India second only to Mexico when it comes to dope cheats percentage

China, which tested more than 16,000 samples, recorded just 46 (0.30%) cases with adverse findings.

First Americans

Skulls found inside teddy bears at Mexico airport

The human remains “appear to have been recently exhumed,” the office said in a statement.

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FIFA World Cup: The noise of a nation silenced

“If you thought the vuvuzelas were bad, wait until you here the caxirola,” said the Guardian.


Strong earthquake shakes Mexico City

The quake had a depth of 15 miles (23 kilometers).

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Magnitude-7.2 earthquake shakes Mexican capital

The earthquake was centered northwest of the Pacific resort of Acapulco, where many Mexicans are vacationing for the Easter holiday.

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Pakistani drug dealer sentenced to 15 years in prison in US

Malik operated an international supermarket for illegal drugs, said US Attorney Benjamin Wagner.

Briefly world: Pollution hits record levels in Shanghai

Shanghai as record levels of air pollution shrouded the city in smog,prompting authorities to issue the highest level of health warning

An issue in search of political leadership

There is one more shot,in Peru next year,at a successor agreement to Kyoto before the 2015 Paris conference.


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