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Hemp is the new health food on the block

Hemp seeds are high in Arginine, an essential amino acid known to improve heart health and protect from heart disease.


How marijuana shrinks cancerous tumours

Researchers have now revealed the existence of previously unknown signalling platforms which are behind the drug’s success.


Marijuana use linked to disrupted sleep

Marijuana use is associated with daytime sleepiness and impaired sleep quality at night, a new study has found.


Uruguay to legalise marijuana sale, but not to be mistaken for a ‘pot-smoker’s paradise: President

Anyone hoping Uruguay will become a pot-smoker’s paradise should probably head to Colorado instead, President Jose Mujica said.

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10 tonnes of ganja, arms seized in Siliguri

Smugglers in fake Army uniforms, caught in fake Army truck.

For Mary Jane

From Colorado to Uruguay,experiments with legalising marijuana usage. India should take note.


Heavy marijuana use may alter brain structure and harm memory

Marijuana abuse has been linked to developing schizophrenia in prior research.

World’s first nationalised marijuana market

Everyone involved must be licensed and registered

390 kg of marijuana worth Rs 32 lakh seized,trader arrested

In a major seizure of contraband drugs,the anti-narcotics cell of Pune police seized 390 kg of marijuana balls worth Rs 32 lakh.

1 held with 5.5 kg marijuana

THE Anti-Narcotics Cell of Pune police has seized 5.5 kg packaged marijuana balls,which was to be sold at colleges in the city among other places,police said on Monday. Based on a tip-off,a team led by inspector Sunil Tambe of the cell arrested Rajesh Ashok Raut (31) of Nana Peth. The team laid a trap on […]

Cannabis strain named after Indian-American,CNN’s Sanjay Gupta

A new type of medical marijuana has been named after Indian-American medical journalist Sanjay Gupta.

Man held with 104 kg of marijuana

A man was arrested for being in possession of 104 kg of marijuana (ganja),estimated to be worth around Rs 70 lakh in the international market,police said


Marijuana component can halt brain damage

THC is the psychoactive component of marijuana which protects the brain in case of injury.