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US, Australia embassies warn of terror attack in Malaysia

US Embassy in Malaysia issued a terror warning for American citizens to avoid Jalan Alor.


Bangkok blast probe: Malaysia detains 8 suspects for questioning

National deputy police chief Noor Rashid Ibrahim said ethnic Uighurs were detained in the past week in Kuala Lumpur as well as in northeastern Kelantan state.


Thick haze from forest fires engulfs Malaysia, Singapore; schools shut

Indonesia which is blamed every year has sent hundreds of military personnel to try to put them out. It has declared a state of emergency in Riau province, where the haze has been building for several weeks and pollution levels reached hazardous levels.


Boat carrying 100 onboard capsizes off Malaysia

Southeast Asian nations in the summer faced a huge migrant crisis, with more than 4,000 landing in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar and Bangladesh

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Defiant Malaysian PM Najib Razak vows not to quit as Malaysia marks National Day

Najib has been fighting for political survival after leaked documents in July showed he received some $700 million in his private accounts from entities linked to indebted state fund 1MDB.


Thousands take to streets demanding PM Najib Razak’s resignation

In one area near the square, a comedian entertaining the crowd poked fun at Najib. Dressed up as an Arab, he pretended to hand over a multi-billion-ringgit check as a donation to a rally participant.

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Malaysians gear up for street rallies urging PM Najib Razak to quit

Activists say Najib should resign and the political system and state institutions be reformed to be more transparent and accountable.

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Malaysia finds more graves and human remains near Thai border

The new graves were found on Saturday near the peak of a hill surrounded by jungle terrain and along the Thai border.

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Singapore: Indian man acquitted of drug charges

Manikam was found guilty by the district court in a trial in which he had no representation and had spent the last three years and seven months in remand.

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Malaysia seeks help in finding more possible MH370 debris

Malaysian government officials will ask territories near Reunion to alert them if they find any debris that could be from a plane.

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Malaysia’s anti-corruption panel clears PM Najib Razak of any wrongdoing

Najib has been under increasing pressure after leaked documents alleged that millions had gone into his personal account from a state fund 1MDB.

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New debris found on Reunion island is ‘domestic ladder’, not MH370 plane part: Malaysian official

Malaysian Director General of Civil Aviation said that a piece of debris found on the beach had nothing to do with the investigation involving the missing MH370 flight.

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Malaysia to seek help in finding more possible debris of missing MH370 flight

Malaysian officials said Sunday that they would seek help from territories near the island where a suspected piece of the missing Malaysia Airlines jet was discovered to try to find more plane debris.

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Four Westerners jailed for posing naked on Malaysia peak

The four were among 10 foreigners who stripped naked and took photos on Mount Kinabalu on May 30.


Malaysia detains 4 for posing naked on quake-hit peak

Police obtained a court order to detain the posers for four days while they’re investigated for indecent behavior, Sabah state police chief Jalaluddin Abdul Rahman said on Wednesday.