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Malaysia’s anti-corruption panel clears PM Najib Razak of any wrongdoing

Najib has been under increasing pressure after leaked documents alleged that millions had gone into his personal account from a state fund 1MDB.

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New debris found on Reunion island is ‘domestic ladder’, not MH370 plane part: Malaysian official

Malaysian Director General of Civil Aviation said that a piece of debris found on the beach had nothing to do with the investigation involving the missing MH370 flight.

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Malaysia to seek help in finding more possible debris of missing MH370 flight

Malaysian officials said Sunday that they would seek help from territories near the island where a suspected piece of the missing Malaysia Airlines jet was discovered to try to find more plane debris.

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Four Westerners jailed for posing naked on Malaysia peak

The four were among 10 foreigners who stripped naked and took photos on Mount Kinabalu on May 30.


Malaysia detains 4 for posing naked on quake-hit peak

Police obtained a court order to detain the posers for four days while they’re investigated for indecent behavior, Sabah state police chief Jalaluddin Abdul Rahman said on Wednesday.

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Malaysian Earthquake: Death toll reaches 13, 6 people still missing

The mountain will be closed for three weeks for maintenance work, and flags will be flown at half-staff in Sabah on Monday to mourn the victims

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Earthquake in Malaysia injures 11 climbers, leaves 130 stranded

It was not clear how seriously the tourists were injured and how they were stranded, all climbing had been cancelled as loose boulders were falling after the quake.

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MH17 crash: Russia favours ‘full-fledged and unbiased’ probe

The aircraft, carrying 298 people, was en route from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur July 17 when it crashed in Ukraine’s eastern Donetsk region, about 60 km from the Russian border.


Mass graves of hundreds of suspected trafficking victims found in Malaysia

Police discovered 30 large graves containing the remains of hundreds of people in two places in the northern state of Perlis, which borders Thailand.

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Malaysia orders sea search and rescue for Rohingya migrants

The UN refugee agency believes that more than 3,000 could still be at sea, although some activists put the number at 6,000.


Malaysia turns away boat with more than 500 migrants

Around 1,600 have been rescued, but an estimated 6,000 remain stranded at sea.

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Up to 6,000 Rohingya, Bangladeshi migrants stranded at sea

Estimated 6,000 Bangladeshis and Rohingya Muslims from Myanmar remain trapped in crowded, wooden boats: migrant officials.

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Malaysian PM Razak pledges no cover-up in probe of indebted fund

Najib pledged there will be no cover-up in the investigation of a debt-laden state investment fund.


Malaysia detains 17 people suspected of plotting terror acts

Critics criticized the move and warned the proposed laws could severely curtail civil liberties.


Malaysia helicopter crash kills 6, including ex-envoy to US

Preliminary information showed that the helicopter crashed and burst into flames in Semenyih town.