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Malaysia’s anti-graft body to seek review of clean chit to PM Najib Razak

The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) will seek a review of the decision with an independent government panel, it said in a statement but did not specify if it recommended charges against 62-year-old Najib.

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MH370 search finds new shipwreck, but still no plane

Investigators believe MH370 ran out of fuel and crashed somewhere in the southern Indian Ocean, sparking one of the biggest mysteries in aviation history.


Malaysia’s new Islamic airline Rayani Air takes off with a prayer

Malaysia’s Rayani Air took to the skies over the weekend with a clear bailiwick.

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Modi diplomacy in Malaysia: Cyber security, defence dominate talks

Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Malaysia: Here are the highlights of the joint statement with Najib Razak.

Kuala Lumpur: Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the 13th ASEAN-India Summit in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on Saturday. PTI Photo by Kamal Singh   (PTI11_21_2015_000104B)

PM Modi at ASEAN Summit: Need global resolve, strategies to combat terrorism

Modi called for a new global resolve and new strategies to combat terrorism, without balancing it against political considerations and said no country should use or support terrorism.


Terrorists don’t represent any race, religion or creed: Malaysia PM Najib Razak

“We will not allow these killers to have a safe haven,” Obama said at a business conference on the sidelines of a summit of Southeast Asian leaders that Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak opened earlier.


PM Modi at ASEAN Summit: India’s GDP growth is up, inflation is down

The fruits of development have to be taken to the margins of geography and to the bottom of demography. “We have to touch lives, while reaching for the sky,” PM Modi said.


PM Modi in Malaysia: To address ASEAN summit today, diaspora on Sunday

ASEAN is India’s fourth largest trading partner and India is the sixth largest trading partner for the ten member grouping.

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IS trying to recruit lecturers expert in bombs, weapons: Malaysia minister

“They (IS) thought their movements could not be traced but the Malaysian Police managed to curb their activities,” said Malaysia’s deputy home minister Nur Jazlan.

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Indonesia fires can’t be put out until rains start, Malaysian minister warns

Facing growing pressure, Indonesia earlier this month agreed to accept international help after failing for weeks to douse the fires from slash-and-burn farming.

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US, Australia embassies warn of terror attack in Malaysia

US Embassy in Malaysia issued a terror warning for American citizens to avoid Jalan Alor.

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Bangkok blast probe: Malaysia detains 8 suspects for questioning

National deputy police chief Noor Rashid Ibrahim said ethnic Uighurs were detained in the past week in Kuala Lumpur as well as in northeastern Kelantan state.

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Thick haze from forest fires engulfs Malaysia, Singapore; schools shut

Indonesia which is blamed every year has sent hundreds of military personnel to try to put them out. It has declared a state of emergency in Riau province, where the haze has been building for several weeks and pollution levels reached hazardous levels.


Boat carrying 100 onboard capsizes off Malaysia

Southeast Asian nations in the summer faced a huge migrant crisis, with more than 4,000 landing in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar and Bangladesh

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Defiant Malaysian PM Najib Razak vows not to quit as Malaysia marks National Day

Najib has been fighting for political survival after leaked documents in July showed he received some $700 million in his private accounts from entities linked to indebted state fund 1MDB.

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