Mahatma Gandhi

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Film on Nathuram Godse: Court rejects intervention application of lawyers

The application stated that making such a film was the fundamental right of a person as per ‘freedom of expression’.


‘Father of Nation’ title to Gandhi unwarranted, says VHP leader

The VHP also announced that it would launch a movement for renaming Aligarh as ‘Harigarh’ which, it claimed, was the city’s original name.


Retracing Nathuram Godse’s journey

The urn in which Godse lives is brought out every year on November 15 for a ceremony organised by the Godses.


With moist eyes, city pays homage to martyrs

For the first time, choir performed before the ceremony and an Army pipes and drums ensemble played military tunes.


‘Mahatma Mandir’ a “weird” name: Rajmohan Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi’s grandson Rajmohan Gandhi said he does not feel like visiting the memorial.


EXPRESS SPECIAL: Retracing Nathuram Godse’s Journey

Here we retrace Nathuram Godse’s journey from a small town in Maharashtra to being the man who killed Gandhi.


Prohibitory orders in Meerut as Hindu Mahasabha plans to install Nathuram Godse’s statue

“We will go ahead with our programme in a peaceful manner and are ready to face any consequences.”


After survey, AMC forms ‘Safai Brigade’ for schools

The decision for this brigade came after a recent survey-‘cleanliness awareness survey’.


Indians in UK showed little interest in Gandhi’s statue: Lord Bhikhu Parekh

Gandhi’s grandson Tushar Gandhi said that he would prefer statue of Gandhi that resembled a “half-naked fakir”.

Centre: Ensure Martyrs’ Day observed with due solemnity

The Modi government has asked the state governments to see to it that the day is observed in a ‘befitting manner’.


Retracing Nathuram Godse’s Journey: In Gwalior house, son lives with a locked secret

His son, Upendra Parchure, is 82 years old now, and lives as a recluse. A lock nearly always hangs on the gate to the two-storied house.


The retrial of Godse: Forgetting the facts

The memory of Gandhi has been sanitised so that the nation has forgotten the fact of his assassination, let alone debating the reason why.


The retrial of Nathuram Godse: Gandhi assassin’s political audience

Gandhi was killed ‘for a cause’ by someone from his own community. But what was this ‘cause’?


Retracing Nathuram Godse’s journey: A hotel in CP, a city divided and a failed bid to kill the Mahatma

Narayan Apte and others had launched the first of two attempts on Mahatma Gandhi’s life in January 1948.


Retracing Nathuram Godse’s journey: Man who murdered the Mahatma lives in an urn in Pune realtor office

To ward off a perceived curse, his mother had his nose pierced with a nath and thus he carried in his name, Nathuram.