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Road rage 2

Aggressive driving a reflection of surrounding culture

The findings suggest that some countries and cultures may be more susceptible to aggressive or competitive driving behaviours due to their social environment.

Amorous couple

This is why humans are monogamous

A study shows that in a large population, the presence of STIs decreases fertility rates more among males with multiple partners, therefore, changing which mating behaviour proves to be most beneficial to individuals and groups.


How marriage, birthplace help cancer patients live longer

According to the study, married couples with cancer survive more and longer than unmarried cancer-afflicted patients.

Social media

Only one in five people tell the truth on Facebook: Study

According to the survey of 2,000 Britons, just 18 per cent represent themselves accurately.

Old window

Forget glass, now transparent wood to brighten your home

Scientists from a Swedish institute have developed a transparent wood that could be used in building materials.

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Troubled adolescent years can lead to joblessness in the future: Study

Emotional and mental distress can lead to pronounced financial implications too.

Karma Sutra, spirituality, change, dealing with change, past, present, future, moh, tathagat, shokha, bhay, samsara

Karma Sutra: Embrace the stranger called change

How to let go of regret and attachment and welcome change with open arms.

Lesbian couple fighting to each other

Lesbian, gay, bisexuals face more mood, anxiety disorders: Study

The results showed that gay and lesbians reported about twice the rates of anxiety and mood disorders compared to heterosexuals.

Red handcuffs

Shy Indians shop sexual wellness products online: Survey

Based on feedback received from users and buyers, the findings showed that 76% of participants felt that buying sexual wellness products offline might make them feel uncomfortable and embarrassed.

Retirement, lifestyle changes, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, positive lifestyle changes, better health, benefits of retirement, health effects of retirement, effects of retirement on health, physical activity, diet, sedentary behaviour, alcohol use, sleep patterns

Retirement provides window to a new, healthier you: Study

Retirement translates to positive lifestyle changes like less sedentary time, more exercise and cutting down on smoking due to removal of work stress and commute time.

parenting, family time, family bonding, technology, smartphone, internet, social media, texting while driving, texting while eating, over-sharing on social media, rules, enforcement of rules, technology related rules

Parents, stop using your smartphone at the dinner table!

Limits to use of technology during bonding time — like at the dinner table — should extend to parents too, children feel.

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Guess what, having a younger sibling lowers obesity risk

Birth of a younger sibling makes a child engage in more ‘active play’, helping in maintaining a healthy BMI.

stolen statues_480_IANS

Stolen ancient Jain, Hindu statues worth $450,000 seized in the US

The seized statues were of Rishabhanata, the first Jain Thirthankar, and of Revanta, a son of God Surya. The stolen statues were to have been auctioned on Tuesday during Asia Week in New York.

Distraction, attention, concentration, professional searchers, visual search performance, psychology

In case you didn’t know, study shows ability to ignore distractions makes you more efficient

The ability to ignore distraction is especially helpful in careers of ‘professional searching’ — such as radiologists and airport baggage screeners.


Women who drink face greater suicide risk

Alcohol use increases suicide risk among women, especially those who have symptoms of insomnia such as sleep disturbance and daytime tiredness, shows research.