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Language of emotion is vague

Definition of emotions such as shame and pride have remained vague as our society treats emotion as a negligible and largely destructive matter.


Breathalysers don’t accurately detect blood alcohol levels: Research

Researchers have found that the ability of some breathalyzers, used to detect unsafe levels of alcohol in blood while driving, varies considerably.


Don’t buy your children cheap, old car: Research

Parents could be putting their children’s lives at risk if they buy them a cheap and old car, say researchers.


Just Press Play: Like the road, a song can take you places

Like the road, a song can take you places.


One for the road: In search of a hot cup of tea in the Canadian Rockies

In search of a hot cup of tea in the Canadian Rockies.


A Farewell to Siang: A road trip along the Siang Valley

The mighty river which flows through Arunachal Pradesh will soon be tamed with numerous dams. A road trip along the Siang Valley to see how the dams will change the landscape and lives.


Knock knock. Who’s there? Amazon’s best-selling holiday author

Rob Elliott, currently owns the No. 1 and No. 2 spots on’s best-selling book list.


Know what makes kids generous

When children witness “good” or “bad” behaviour, their brains show an immediate emotional response.


A Year In Style: Best of fashion trends in 2014

Fashion trends that made us sit up and take note, and sometimes let out a little wolf-whistle too.


Personality outsmarts intelligence at school

Personality is more important than intelligence when it comes to academic success, new research says.


Calvin Harris to endorse Emporio Armani

Musician Calvin Harris has been roped in as the new face of the Emporio Armani brand for its spring 2015 campaign.


Turn to Ranakpur for simple, unhurried life

Ranakpur is a mosaic of culture, tradition and history, it is the peaceful vibes from people that leave a lasting impression on you.


Express Recipe: How to make Gajar Ka Halwa in six easy steps

One of my most pleasant memories attached with winters in India is a bowl of piping hot Gajar Ka Halwa.


Two pieces of fruit a day help fight depression: Study

Eating at least two pieces of fruit like apples daily helps in preventing depression.


A hug a day keeps the doctor away!

Researchers have found that more frequent hugs protect stressed people from getting sick.