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Now, pack your apartment in a box!

Architects have created a cube that can turn into a whole apartment, complete with a bed, kitchen and bathroom.


Sugary drinks trigger early periods

Girls who frequently consume sugary drinks tend to start their menstrual periods earlier than girls who do not, new research shows.


How to take care of a new puppy

Getting a pet is a 24×7 responsibility, more so if you are getting a pup.


Shun screens at bedtime for better sleep

Limit screen time and caffeine for your kids at bedtime if you want them to get quality sleep and perform better in life, says a study.


Easy moves to get a tight tummy

In search of a foolproof method to tighten your abs? Learn the right moves.


Posting the first-ever profile picture promises to be the biggest viral meme

People are suddenly going back to their time-lines and posting the first-ever profile picture they ever posted on Facebook.


We don’t need diagnosis, we need solutions: Shashi Tharoor

In an interaction with Mihir Sharma and Amrita Tripathi on his latest book ‘India Shastra’, he spoke at length about what forms the essence of his book.


What happens to thousands of letters which never reach their destination?

What happens to those thousands of letters which never reach their destination? In the Returned Letter Offices across the country, love letters and wish lists, invites and petitions come to die.


Social stress is a barrier to empathy between strangers

Feeling stressed in the presence of strangers curbs the ability to express empathy, says a research.


Sweet potato leaves super source of vitamins

A research has found that sweet potato is abundant in essential vitamins necessary for the maintenance of red blood cell metabolism.


Food blog: Reliving my childhood with Aate Ka Halwa and Poori

One of the fondest memories of food that I have is a breakfast of halwa-poori. Mmmmm… aate ka halwa and plain poori.


Now a tattoo to monitor your sugar levels

Researchers have developed a temporary tattoo that both extracts and measures the level of glucose in the fluid in between skin cells.


Living in the hills lowers lung cancer risk

People who live at higher altitudes are less likely to suffer from lung cancer than those who live in the plains.


From Sabudana Laddoo to Avial: The best of Pongal recipes

On the second day of the Pongal festivities, we bring to you the best of Pongal delicacies.


A 20-minute walk daily cuts early death risk

A brisk 20-minute walk each day is enough to reduce an individual’s risk of early death, say British researchers.