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Love adventure or nature? Head to Aru Valley in Kashmir

Visit the land of adventure with no pre-conceived notions because this place is surely going to give you a lot of surprises.


Herbal tea, bamboo products of Satpuras will win your heart

Banjari Herbal Garden is a little nursery of herbs where saplings of Arjuna, Kevati and Anantamul trees are cultivated with the help of SHG members.


Vitamin D deficiency increases schizophrenia risk

Individuals with Vitamin D deficiency are twice as likely to be diagnosed with schizophrenia as compared to others.


Why some people are more impulsive than others

Researchers have found that patterns of brain connectivity are linked with impulsive behaviour.


Offbeat entrepreneurs: This PhD from JNU left his lucrative job for setting up a dhaba

A decade and a half back a young PhD holder from prestigious Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) decided to follow his heart by opening a dhaba at his ‘alma mater’ itself.


Choose right fat to protect your heart

Too much dietary fat is bad but the right kind of fat keeps the heart healthy, a promising study shows.


Revolutionary antibiotics to tackle TB

Researchers have found that hydrogen is a key factor that enables mycobacteria to survive oxygen-limitation over long periods.


Heart attacks kill younger women faster than men

Women have longer hospital stays and are more likely than men to die in the hospital after a heart attack.


ICW 2014: Bollywood stars outshine design aesthetics

Design aesthetics and creativity may have impressed fashion patrons, but it was Bollywood celebs who hogged maximum publicity.


Dos and don’ts for pregnant women while travelling

Expecting mothers with normal pregnancy are not prevented from travelling, but they need to be cautious.


Married and stressed? Have more sex

Married but remain stressed owing to work or family-related issues? Have frequent sex to shun those unnecessary bouts of tension and lead a healthy life.


Cinnamon can prevent food poisoning

Cinnamon can not only tickle your taste buds, the ancient cooking spice is also an effective anti-bacterial agent.


Kesar lassi, dahi bhalla at Tihar’s food court a hit

From samosas (Rs. 15), soyabean chop (Rs. 150) to a thali (Rs. 120), the joint has become popular by word of mouth.


How to store your luxury bags the right way

How do you store your handbags? Are they lovingly tucked away waiting to be worn out or are they stuffed under the bed gathering dust?


It’s official! Men bigger secret spenders than women

The odd little treat, an extra item whilst out shopping or lunchtime indulgence, is something that men don’t really tell anyone.