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Marital woes can make you fat

If you have a history of depression, picking up fights with your better half could increase the risk of obesity.


Do’s and Don’ts: Follow these tips for a safe Diwali

Read these guidelines before you step out to celebrate Diwali.


Colours of Goa: Stephany D’souza on Malaysia Fashion Week & INTRADE

Stephany D’souza, the only Indian designer at the Malaysia Fashion Week & INTRADE, on a new audience and her anti-fit ideology.


Diwali recipes: Snacks to impress friends and family

Want friends and family eating out of your hands? Treat them to a festive platter this season.


Designer Raghavendra Rathore pays tribute to legendary Oscar de la Renta

Designer Raghavendra Rathore remembers the years, in the early 90s, when he worked under the debonair designer, post graduating from Parsons The New School of Design, New York. Here he pens his tribute.


Non-smokers face major health risks in smoking homes

Living with smokers is as bad as living in smoke-free homes in heavily polluted cities such as Beijing or London, researchers said.


Yes, superheroes do exist; these kids confirmed

A group of journalists, after hearing stories of superheroes saving the lives of poor and underpriviliged children, decide to dig deep.


Hills, beaches and cricket: Welcome to Don Bradman’s city Adelaide

“I wish Tendulkar was playing”, exclaims a cricket enthusiast in Adelaide where the hype around the India-Pakistan ICC World Cup match on 15 February next year is almost at its peak.


Young kids often given wrong medication

One child is affected every eight minutes when usually a well-meaning parent or caregiver commits an unintentional medication error.


Repeated viewing of violence and sex ‘desensitises’ parents

When it comes to sex and violence, the more parents watch TV shows or movies with explicit scenes, the less they care about what their kids can watch.


Face more important than body for women?

Changes in skin are visible signs of ageing. A new research shows that many women feel they have focussed more on the face than the entire body.

Read more: Aging, body, Face, lifestyle

Viagra may protect your heart

An ingredient in Viagra not only can enhance the pleasure between the sheets but can also protect your heart, a study has found.


How about a thermometer with a camera?

TG165 Imaging IR Thermometer lets you see invisible heat patterns, measure temperatures accurately, and conveniently store images and measurement data for reporting.


Diwali recipe: How to make instant Gulab Jamun using milk powder

So, if you have milk powder at home, you can easily turn it into Mawa and make those delicious, soft and sweet Gulab Jamuns.


Designer Rajesh Pratap Singh readies for winter with a luxurious line

Designer Rajesh Pratap Singh readies for winter with a luxurious line of scarves, stoles and pocket squares in collaboration with Shingora.


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