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Bipasha Basu opens up about her decade-long romance with fitness

Bipasha Basu tells Parmita Uniyal how fitness transformed her attitude towards life and made her a balanced person.


Why women ignore symptoms of impending heart attack

Driven by concerns of initiating a false alarm, young women tend to ignore or dismiss the earliest symptoms of an impending heart attack.


Buying second-hand smartphone is the latest trend!

Ever used a second hand high-end smartphone? That’s a growing trend now, according to a new survey report.


Men with low IQ likely to be heavy drinkers

A lower IQ is clearly associated with greater and riskier drinking among young adult men, a research has found.


Now a therapy that helps you lose weight without much effort

Researchers have developed a targeted approach to override the “energy saving” mode and allow muscle to burn more energy,


Walk Hard. Walk Easy. Repeat.

Those who have considered high-intensity interval training but have been apprehensive about its demands should go for a walk.


Girls watch this video before dating a Delhi guy

The typical Delhi guy doesn’t hesitate in buttering anyone for his special jugaad just as he doesn’t mind the extra butter in his butter chicken with butter naans.


Top 10 excuses to skip work on a Monday

It’s not less than a feat to get an off on Monday. Tweeple suggest creative ways to take off on a deadly day.


Taking selfie is empowering, not self-obsession

Is one’s love for selfies just an exercise in self-obsession? Perhaps not.


Diabetes may damage your brain

Researchers have now found that diabetes may also decrease certain cognitive abilities, known as executive functions.


Why chronic illness makes people feel lonely

Difficult times often bring people closer but a new study has found that the onset of chronic illness often results in sufferers feeling lonely.


Gift the perfect gem to your partner this Valentine’s Day

It is customary to gift your loved ones on Valentine’s Day. This time out, why not gift them with some good fortune?


48 hours at the Nagaur Cattle Fair: When time stood still

The fair is otherwise a very staid affair, lacking colours that people usually associate with rural Rajasthan.


Invisible Boyfriend app does everything that a human boyfriend can do

The voice behind your digital boyfriend may be your next-door neighbour or somebody who lives in your house.


The Beast and the Beauty: The quiet, beautiful metamorphosis of the caterpillar

Happily, for the most part, the butterfly flexes its wings for an hour or so, and then it is away — erratic, flipsy-flopsy — a beauty born out of a beast.