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20 happiness mantras you must follow

Don’t you think everyday is a happiness day, if we have the right approach? Here’re 20 mantras of happiness you should remember every minute.


Why sweat is healthy and life saving

Without sweat to cool us, our core temperature will shoot up, and our vital organs will start getting cooked.

Vitamin D as an adjuvant to conventional breast cancer therapy (PTI)

Vitamin D may help treat age-related diseases

The sunshine vitamin can be of great help for people during their sunset years.


Mini cake video: Ever played kitchen-kitchen? Well this is a whole new level

A YouTube channel called Miniature space is all about tiny dishes made in a tiny kitchen using tiny tools.

Exposing your skin to the Sun may help you live long Source: Thinkstock Images

Exercise prevents brain damage among elderly

Older people, who go for morning walks and mild exercises, protect themselves from the effects of small areas of brain damage.


Women-only travel is one of the fastest growing segments in India

Women no longer hesitate in handling the challenges of travel. The internet allows women travellers to research and check out safe hotels and modes of travel.


New app would ‘clean’ your favourite novel for you

If you want to read a best-selling novel, but don’t like the cuss words in it, this app is for you.


Mandira Bedi’s LFW SR’15 collection will be focused on Banarasi fabric

This season Mandira Bedi’s collection at Lakme Fashion Week SR’15 will have the flavor of Varanasi with banarasi fabric as the focal point.


Get bored easily? You are prone to chronic hair-pulling

Finding a way to reduce your boredom or frustration can help you push aside hair-pulling and other body-focused repetitive behaviour.


Sea is the hero and the villain in Manveen S Anand’s crime thriller

The book is engaging in parts; though the plot looks predictable in the beginning, you can never guess what happens towards the end.


Video: An unusual way of frying bacon

There are some meat lovers around the world who would do just about anything have hot fried bacon, here is one of the ways.


Now decorate your home with the help of Flipkart

Ecommerce website Flipkart has come up with a new category that offers an exhaustive selection under furnishing, décor, lighting, household items and DIY tools to customers.

Scientists have developed an approach for permanently reducing cholesterol levels in mice through a single injection Source: Express Archive

Take this online test to know when you might suffer a heart attack

A new online calculator could predict the age at which the person is likely to have a heart attack.


Is this the secret to a happy married life?

According to a new study, unhappy newly married women have sex for three to four times a month while the happy women have it 11 times a month.


Senior citizens break into a flashmob on International Women’s Day

This group of retired people says their motive is to enjoy every bit of life and they don’t believe in wasting time even after retirement.