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Jhumpa Lahiri in shortlist for DSC Prize

Pulitzer Prize winning author Jhumpa Lahiri is one of five frontrunners for next year’s DSC Prize.


Original “Alice in Wonderland” manuscript to travel to US museums

Lewis Carroll’s original handwritten, illustrated manuscript for “Alice in Wonderland” will travel to the U.S. to mark its 150th anniversary.


Queen of crime writing PD James dies at 94

P.D. James took the classic British detective story into tough modern terrain, complete with troubled relationships and brutal violence.


Breakfast recipe: Start your day with yummy and nutritious Banana Pancakes

Breakfast has to be the most important and nutritious meal to kickstart your day with. Today we bring you the recipe of banana pancakes.


Study finds teens are not hooked to Facebook anymore

As many as 50 per cent participants in the study said they were using Facebook less frequently than they did in the past.


Flipkart announces the launch of ‘Flipkart Fashion Files’

E-commerce major Flipkart announced the launch of the ‘Flipkart Fashion Files’ – an exclusive lifestyle content page on its platform on Thursday.


Happy Thanksgiving: 7 powerful gratitude mantras that can change your life

On Thanksgiving day, we celebrate the power of “Thank You” by picking seven most inspiring gratitude quotes.


School children in India unfit; kids from non-metros fare better: Study

School children in India, irrespective of age group or gender, are lagging far behind as far as health and fitness levels are concerned.


Three cups of coffee a day reduce Alzheimer’s risk

Drinking three to five cups of coffee a day could reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer’s by up to 20 per cent.


Hacked emails spread spam faster: study

Spam spreads much faster and to more people when it is being propagated by hacked.


Breast cancer recurrence risk down since 1980s

  Rates of breast cancer recurrence fell by half or more between the 1980s and the early 2000s – likely due to improved treatments and increased screenings, according to a new study from Canada. The analysis of data on Canadian breast cancer patients offers reassurance that breast cancer survival is improving and also provides updated […]


Food Story: The saga of Panchmel Dal

It may not have the global reputation of Dal Makhani or the ancient connect of the Channa Dal (guguni), yet there is something endearing about Panchratna Dal.


Half a million cancers a year fuelled by obesity

Obesity is to blame for nearly half a million cases of cancer a year, with overweight women at a far greater risk than men.


Why I couldn’t stop hogging at Nando’s: Restaurant review by a true-blue chicken lover

Nando’s does not just serve chicken they make it. They carefully blend and marinate the chicken and cook it the same way every time.


Ten common reasons why we don’t exercise

When it comes to putting intention to practice, only about 10 percent are successful.