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Putin orders troop pullback from Ukraine border: Kremlin

Some 17,600 servicemen, who had participated in military drills ion the border with Ukraine, would be pulled back.

NATO warns on Ukraine truce as fighters set to pull back

Russia says a number of its troops captured by Kiev’s forces must have accidentally strayed across the border.


Putin blames others for exploiting Ukraine crash

Putin says the tragedy is being used for others’ “mercenary objectives,” although he does not say specifically who.


Putin to discuss Ukraine crisis with France’s Hollande on June 5

This will be Putin’s first meeting with the head of government or state of a major Western power since Russia’s annexation of Crimea.


Vladimir Putin splits with his wife of 30 years: Kremlin

The president’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov confirmed to state-owned Itar-TASS news agency that “the divorce has completed.”


NATO orders end to cooperation with Russia

Seeks ways to better protect alliance members that feel threatened by Kremlin, Steps up air patrols over Baltic Sea

Mikhail Kalashnikov holding he famous rifle he designed (Reuters)

Gunmaker Kalashnikov, a ‘slave of God’, repented deaths caused by his rifle AK-47

The contents were found in a lengthy emotional letter he wrote to the Russian Orthodox Church.


US Senator John McCain to Russia: Putin ‘doesn’t believe in you’

In an op-ed,he accosted Putin for his tyrant-like,freedom-quashing approach to presidency.


Russia: Anti-corruption activist faces Putin-backed Kremlin man for Moscow mayor

It is being touted as first genuinely competitive Russian election since early 90s.


Thanks to Edward Snowden,humble typewriter returns in Russia

The Federal Guard Service is now looking to buy electric typewriters for communication.


Kremlin woos Russian opposition after Putin win

Opponents complain of fraud in ballot,in which former KGB spy won more than 63 pct of votes.


Vladimir Putin wins back Russian presidency

Putin’s opponents complain of widespread fraud,refused to recognise the results.

Russia to punish paedophiles by chemical castration

Under new draft law,paedophiles will face chemical castration,life term & psychiatric drug treatment.

Massive rally in Moscow against Putin

The protest leaders hope to stage another rally a week before the March 4 election to raise the heat on Putin

Putin ‘sent to Russia by God': Kremlin adviser

Russian Prime Minsiter is speculated to run in the presidential elections scheduled for March.