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Khaleda Zia calls on Modi, complains about ‘lack of democracy’ in Bangladesh

Calling on the Prime Minister, Zia told Modi that there was no democracy in the country and stressed that to ensure “actual development” in Bangladesh, voices of the people must be heard.


21 injured in arson attacks as violence returns to Bangladesh

Suspected BNP activists also torched some 18 vehicles across the country and attacked a government office.

Dhaka’s war within

Warrant for Zia’s arrest should not put the brakes on dialogue in Bangladesh.


Bangladesh opposition, Bangladesh National Party, calls fresh 72-hour shutdown from Sunday

BNP said the shutdown would be effective throughout the country from 6 am (local time) on Sunday.


Stalemate in Dhaka

Unless BNP calls off agitation, owns up for the violence, talks seem unlikely.


Ban Ki-moon writes to Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina and her archrival Khaleda Zia for dialogue: report

The opposition has been demanding midterm elections since it boycotted the divisive polls last year.


Bangladesh cuts power supply to Ex-PM Khaleda Zia’s house amid unrest

“There has been no electricity since 2:37am (local time)…they have cut the line,” an aide of Zia said.


Battling Begums: Sheikh Hasina reaches out to grieving Khaleda Zia; turned away from the gates

However, Hasina’s aides reacted sharply to the apparent snub, calling the behaviour “inhumane”.


Khaleda Zia could be tried for ordering killings: Sheikh Hasina

Authorities have announced a bounty on people involved in street violence that has claimed 30 lives.

Sheikh Hasina

Hasina vs Zia

The warring leaders should end their feud for Bangladesh’s sake.

Right to dissent

Sheikh Hasina’s government must not undercut itself by blotting out the opposition in Bangladesh.


Bangladesh police besiege Khaleda Zia at office ahead of polls anniversary

Zia remained cordoned off inside her office since last night with police forces deployed outside.


Bangladesh Supreme Court clears way for former PM Khaleda Zia’s trial on graft charges

Sunday’s verdict came a week after a nearly identical appeal challenging her trial in another graft case was rejected.


Bangladesh SC clears way for Zia’s trial on graft charges

Zia and three of her aides are accused of syphoning off about USD 400,000 from the Zia Charitable Trust.


‘I don’t think many Bangladeshis go to India, they are doing quite well here’

Khaleda Zia, two-term former Bangladesh PM, in conversation with Shubhajit Roy.