Jawaharlal Nehru

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From mandate to achievement

The strong initial leadership of Nehru and Patel helped strengthen the five institutions that built India.


Nehru’s First

An exhibition on Nehru’s first Cabinet tells of his capacious idea for India.


‘Cold reception’ to Mamata at Nehru meet may be lost opportunity for Cong

The conference, she told her aides later, was a lost opportunity in making political statement against communalism.


Secular ideals of Indira Gandhi more relevant today: TMC

Mukherjee’s comments come days after Banerjee attended Jawaharlal Nehru’s 125th birth anniversary


Will axe fall on Hindustan Antibiotics started by Nehru?

The question is nagging over 1,000 jittery employees of the famous penicillin factory started after the death of Kasturba Gandhi


TMC supremo Mamata ready to be part of ‘secular front’ to fight communal forces

Banerjee is likely to meet Congress president Sonia Gandhi one on one on the sidelines of the conference on Tuesday.


Secularism a compelling necessity for country: Sonia Gandhi

Sonia Gandhi also said that there can be no India without secularism and it remains more than an ideal.

Secular alliance: Mamata in Delhi, ‘will talk to everyone’

Apart from the Trinamool Congress, leaders of other political parties such as the CPM and Samajwadi Party have also been invited to the event, which is being organised by the Congress.


Sonia Gandhi hands over key to Nehru papers, access now controlled only by PMO

The request for access will now have to be okayed only by the PMO — which, sources said, will be done on a case-by-case basis.


Nehru’s theories no longer relevant, says BJP gen secy

Rao said even Nehruvian secularism, which is irreligious, has been rejected by many.


Fifth Column: Old idols in a new world

So what is this legacy that everyone is fighting over in the week of Nehru’s 125th birth anniversary?

Nehru papers to come in public domain

‘Nehru papers’, are presently in the custody of Congress president Sonia Gandhi, in public domain.


The Discovery of Nehru

Historians, writers and politicians recommend a Nehru reading list.


After the End: Letters for a Nation From Jawaharlal Nehru to His Chief Ministers 1947-1963

Letters Jawaharlal Nehru wrote to his chief ministers on the death of Mahatma Gandhi and Sardar Patel reveal
how important both were to his worldview.


The lost university

There is nothing more than bad faith in the Left and Congress’s crocodile tears over the decimation of higher education.