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Japan earthquake: Magnitude 6.7 tremor hits Japan leaving 39 injured; 37 homes destroyed, train service restored

Japan’s Nuclear Regulation Authority said no abnormalities were reported at three nuclear power plants in the affected areas.

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Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe puts off tax hike, calls snap poll

The decision to push ahead with April’s increase in the sales tax, has been judged a miscalculation by some of Abe’s advisers.

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What Japan’s recession means for country, world

Here are some implications for the global economy and for Japan following the unexpectedly dismal GDP report.


APEC conference: Xi Jinping, Shinzo Abe hold ice-breaking meeting

The spat between China and Japan over uninhabited East China Sea islands raised concerns of a military confrontation between the two.

Japan offers help for ‘smart’ Andhra capital

A joint working group has been constituted to look into the proposals made by the Japanese delegation.


Japan trade, justice ministers quit amid scandals

Political funding scandals are a chronic problem in Japan and key factor behind the revolving-door politics of recent decades.


Powerful typhoon Vongfong makes landfall in Japan; 35 people hurt

At least 35 people have been reported injured in Okinawa and Kyushu.


Mount Ontake tragedy: Japan volcano victims leave photos of last moments

More than 50 people died when Mount Ontake, a popular hiking destination in central Japan, erupted without warning on Sept. 27


Japan’s Shinkansen bullet train turns 50

The Shinkansen gave a boost to train travel in Europe, Asia when the rise of the automobile and the airplane threated to eclipse it.


Mount Ontake tragedy: Japan volcano death toll hits 48 as new bodies found

Hundreds of people were on the slopes of the volcano as rocks, ash and smoke poured from the fractured crater.


Japan volcano rescue suspended as death toll rises to 36

On Monday morning, eight bodies — both men and women — were airlifted from the mountain.


More than 30 believed dead at Japanese volcano

The victims have been described as not breathing and their hearts have stopped.


Coalition of the unwilling

Obama’s strategy on the IS is flawed, shows no lesson has been learned.


Asian Games 2014: Bond girls shoot and scoot with synchro gold

Synchronised swimming is used in mass performances in North Korea to celebrate special occasions.


From the Discomfort Zone: Japanese miniaturisation = human cocooning

High awareness of hygiene and sanitary conditions is another aspect that makes Japanese design so clean.