Jairam Ramesh

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Door to door

Former Union minister Jairam Ramesh had installed a glass door wherein the minister could be seen by anyone passing by.

Delhi Confidential: Home Work

Replying to a question inLS about the proposal to plant 200 saplings, Rural Development Ministry, has given an ambiguous reply.

We follow true secularism: Uma’s retort to Jairam

Jairam had accused the BJP of giving Hindutva colour to Ganga rejuvenation programme.


Modi govt will have to deal with some members of Sonia’s NAC

Jairam released Rs 200 cr to society registered by NAC members; NDA will have to pay it Rs 300 cr over 2 yrs.

Delhi Confidential : AMICUS EX-MINISTER

Those opposing it included Congress chief ministers and their representatives at the meeting.

‘BJP reaped benefits of polarisation’

He claimed that the Congress was a victim of its “own success” and the BJP “reaped benefits” of communal polarisation during the Lok Sabha elections.

Delhi Confidential: The Bonding

Ramesh made the courtesy call to Munde in the ministry itself.


Difficult days ahead if Modi governs India like Gujarat:Ramesh

He admitted that people of India have voted for the Congress party to be in the opposition.


BJP, Modi ‘outfunded’ Cong, says Jairam Ramesh

He dismissed Monday’s exit polls and said they would be proved “wrong” like in 2004 and 2009.

Jairam not in favour of outside support to third front

The ideal situation should be no outside support, Ramesh said.


Need to change lives of poor Muslims: Narendra Modi

Hitting out at Congress further, Modi said the party had “mislead” the country on the issue of women safety.

Jairam writes to Modi, slams him for ‘bizarre, blatant’ lies

According to Ramesh, during a rally at Chikmagalur on April 13, Modi accused him of saying India was the “dirtiest and laziest country in the world” during foreign visits.


Jairam Ramesh writes to Narendra Modi, accuses him of spreading ‘blatant lie’

Addressing a rally in Chikmaglur on Sunday, Modi alleged that during his foreign visits the Union Minister had called India the dirtiest and laziest country in the world.

Ramesh underlined various rights-based programmes by the Congress government that pointed to social justice.

BJP has become a one-man-centric party: Jairam Ramesh

The BJP has failed to announce its manifesto till now and is a matter to think over, said Ramesh.


Jairam Ramesh admits Congress lost perception battle, leadership not communicative

Ramesh maintained that the party would get a decent, dignified and respectable three-digit number.