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French PM Manuel Valls visits Israel to push for peace plan

Negotiations between the Israelis and Palestinians have been at a standstill since a US-led initiative collapsed in April 2014.


Jailed for rape, Israeli ex-president Moshe Katsav seeks pardon

Katsav, the first Israeli head of state to be sent to prison, was jailed in 2011 for seven years on two counts of rape as well as sexual harassment, indecent acts and obstruction of justice.

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A Palestinian man inspects a damaged artesian well drilling truck after an early morning Israeli airstrike hit a workshop in Gaza City, Thursday, May 5, 2016. (AP Photo/ Khalil Hamra)

Israeli shelling kills Gaza woman in first clashes since 2014

These are the first direct clashes between Israeli soldiers and Hamas militants since the devastating Gaza war in 2014, and come as a new tunnel reaching into the Jewish state was discovered.

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Palestinian rams 3 Israelis with car in West Bank, shot dead

The injured Israelis were taken to hospital for treatment, a statement issued by the Army said without giving further details about their condition.

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Jewish gang leader gets life for burning alive Palestinian teen Mohammed Abu Khdeir

Abu Khdeir was kidnapped by Ben-David and two young accomplices from Israeli-annexed east Jerusalem on July 2,
2014 and beaten.

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Israel nuclear reactor defects spark secrecy dilemma

Tthere are growing calls for new safeguards and even a new research centre — which could present the country with a decision on whether to acknowledge for the first time that it has nuclear weapons.

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An Israeli solider is hugged by his mother inside an Israeli military court in Tel Aviv, Israel, Monday, April 18, 2016. Israeli Army Radio says the court has indicted the soldier for manslaughter in the fatal shooting of a wounded Palestinian attacker in the West Bank. The soldier, whose name was not released under a gag order, has also been charged with inappropriate military conduct. The shooting took place last month in Hebron, a West Bank city that has been a focal point of a seven-month wave of Israeli-Palestinian violence. (AP Photo/Ariel Schalit)

Israeli soldier charged for shooting wounded Palestinian in the head

The military prosecution said that the soldier “acted in contrast to the rules of opening fire and without any operational justification.”

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Israeli Prime Minister defends military after shooting, calls criticism ‘outrageous’

The military has arrested a soldier and opened an investigation into what it said appeared to be a “grave breach” of its values.

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Israel seizes West Bank land at end of Biden’s visit

COGAT confirmed on Wednesday that about 580 acres near the West Bank city of Jericho were declared government land.

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Israel to Russia: Don’t let pullout from Syria boost Iran, Hezbollah

Israel deems Hezbollah its most potent enemy and worries that they are also becoming entrenched on its Syrian front and acquiring advanced weaponry from Damascus.

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Israeli military kills 3 Palestinian attackers near West Bank

The successive attacks on Monday were the latest in a six-month long wave of Israeli-Palestinian violence that has shown no signs of abating.

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Punish Iran for missile tests, Israel tells world powers

Netanyahu on Sunday called on world powers to punish Iran after the country test-fired two missiles emblazoned with the phrase “Israel must be wiped out” in Hebrew.

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Israeli Police kill 2 Palestinian shooters in Jerusalem

A Palestinian civilian at the scene was seriously injured. Police are investigating whether he was shot by the gunmen or by police.

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US tourist stabbed to death by Palestinian on Tel Aviv boardwalk

The attack took place in the popular Jaffa port area, which is a favourite spot among tourists.


Israel razing Palestinian buildings at ‘alarming’ rate: UN

Israel says the projects are built illegally, so it can be demolished, but aid groups argue that obtaining necessary permits is nearly impossible.

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