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EU court says Hamas should be removed from terror list

The EU court ruled that the listing was not based on “acts examined and confirmed in decisions of competent authorities.”


Palestinians, Israeli border police clash in West Bank over Cabinet minister’s death

Minister Ziad Abu Ein died following a scuffle with the Israeli troops during a protest demonstration on Wednesday.

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Palestinian official dies after scuffle with Israeli troops

The forces also fired tear gas close to the demonstrators, witnesses said.


Israeli warplanes bomb Damascus airport: Syrian military

Israel has carried out several airstrikes in Syria that have targeted sophisticated weapons systems.


Oil pipeline bursts near Israel-Jordan border

The spill was “a couple of kilometres long”, according to an Israeli environment ministry spokeswoman.

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Israeli lawmakers to vote on dissolving parliament

Votes expected next week will dissolve Israel’s parliament, ushering in new polls


UNGA approves Arab-backed resolution, urges Israel, India, Pak to renounce nuclear arms

The resolution noted Israel is the only Middle East state that is not party to Non-Proliferation Treaty


Israel: Biggest Jewish-Arab school set afire amidst tense situation

Over the past months, the school has been repeatedly targeted and racist graffiti was sprayed on its walls.


Israeli cabinet approves bill defining country as Jewish state

Netanyahu said the bill is a response to Israel’s Arab critics who question the country’s right to exist.


Jewish settlers blamed in Palestinian house fire

Mohammed Abdelkarim, whose mother and sisters were inside the house when it was set alight, says Hebrew slogans were scrawled on the house.


Gaza militants test-fire rockets post Jerusalem synagogue attack: Israel military

Four rockets were fired in the past 24 hours, the military said, without elaborating on the test or type of rockets fired.

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Divided Jerusalem: Attacks put holy city on edge

Streets are subdued, marketplaces are quiet and people are on edge in Jewish areas of Jerusalem.


Jerusalem: Israel troops demolish Palestinian attacker’s home after synagogue attack

The house demolished in the Silwan neighborhood near the Old City belonged to Abdel Rahman al-Shaludi.


French President Hollande condemns ‘terrifying’ Jerusalem attack

A Palestinian attack, killed 5 and left blood-smeared books and shawls on the floor of a synagogue in Jerusalem.

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Jerusalem: Israel vows retaliation to brutal synagogue attack that killed 5

Israel vowed harsh retaliation Tuesday for a Palestinian attack that killed five people.