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Israel lifts post-attack restrictions on access to Ramallah

The move kept commuters from leaving or exiting the West Bank city and led to frustration as lengthy queues formed in some areas.

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Report: US and UK spied on Israeli drones for years

The reports said the intelligence agencies were able to watch information that the drones and other aircraft broadcast back to their handlers.

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Modi diplomacy: Israel can finally talk about defence interests with India

About three years ago, when an Israeli ambassador to India was asked about the India-Israel defence relationship – he had shied away from giving a direct answer. The Congress-led UPA government was in power and New Delhi and Tel Aviv used to take great pains at avoiding the discussion on the most-obvious element of the […]

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Driven by technology

The Israeli media had welcomed her appointment in 2014, citing her successful tenure as the chairperson of the Indo-Israeli Parliamentary Friendship Group from 2006-09.


Israel investigating fire at offices of a rights group

Police said one person in the building was slightly injured.

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Two Palestinian knife attackers shot dead in West Bank: Israeli army

Twenty-two Israelis, an American and an Eritrean have been killed in Palestinian attacks including stabbings, car rammings and gunfire targeting security forces and civilians since October 1.

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Unusual shooting attack sets off panic in Israeli heartland

The unusual escape of the accused gunman, Nashat Milhem, an Arab from northern Israel who is considered to be armed and dangerous, is one of many elements of a case that has left Israelis on edge.

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Israel: Gunman kills 2 in Tel Aviv bar; manhunt underway

The motive for the shooting spree in Tel Aviv, which took place on a busy main street, was not immediately clear.

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Ehud Olmert: A look at former Israeli PM’s career

Olmert will become the first Israeli head of government to be imprisoned.


Watch slow motion video of Israel firing its new missile interceptor

David’s Sling is being developed and manufactured jointly by Israel’s state-owned Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd and Raytheon Co, a top U.S. arms maker.

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Trump cancels Israel visit after controversies over comments

Dozens of Israeli lawmakers had called for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to cancel the Dec. 28 meeting with Trump.

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Two knife attacks as unrest returns to Jerusalem

In the other, two knife-wielding Palestinian boys aged 12 to 13 attacked a security guard in a settler neighbourhood of annexed east Jerusalem, with one shot and wounded and the other arrested, police said.

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Abbas slams Netanyahu’s link of Palestinians to Holocaust

Abbas deplored Netanyahu’s comments a week earlier referring to Nazi sympathizer Haj Amin al-Husseini, a former grand mufti of Jerusalem.

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Israeli soldiers kill Jewish man mistaken for Palestinian ‘terrorist’

The man refused to show ID, scuffled with the Israeli soldiers and then attempted to seize one of their weapons.

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John Kerry meets Netanyahu to help ease Israel Palestine violence

Kerry, who will meet Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on Saturday in Jordan, has said he wants clarity about the status quo about the site.

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