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Israel recalls envoy after Sweden recognises Palestine

Israel recalled its ambassador to Sweden for “consultations”, hours after Stockholm recognised Palestine.

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Mideast Israel Palestinians

UN Security Council to hold emergency meet on latest Israel-Palestine tensions

The UN Security Council will hold an emergency meeting on recent tensions between Israel and the Palestinians.

Mideast Israel Palestinians

Crisis in relationship with US must be fixed: Top Israeli minister

A top Israeli minister says there is a “crisis” in in the country’s relations with US that must be fixed.

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Willing to cooperate ‘in all fields, at any level’: Israel NSA

Cohen, who concluded his three-day visit to Delhi Wednesday, also held a series of important bilateral meetings with Indian representatives.

Austria Iran Nuclear Talks

Israel Defence Minister airs Iran nuclear concerns at Pentagon

Israel expressed concerns about the direction of talks between world powers and Iran on its nuclear programme.


UN tells Israel, Palestinians to stop unilateral actions

UN chief Ban Ki-moon urged Israel and the Palestinians on Tuesday to move away from unilateral actions.


Israel police, Palestinians, clash on Temple Mount

The location is the holiest site in Judaism and the third holiest in Islam, and is a frequent flashpoint for demonstrations.


Israel to summon Sweden ambassador over Palestine

Israel foreign minister said he “regrets” that Sweden “rushed” to make its decision without properly understanding the conflict.

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Inside Track: Despite hurdles

His visit to the US fell between two important Jewish festivals, Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.


Hamas, Islamic State group ‘branches of same poisonous tree': Netanyahu

Netanyahu said Hamas committed “the real war crimes” in Gaza by using Palestinian civilians as human shields.


Israel’s shadowy Mossad looks to recruit online

Mossad revamped its website last week to include a snazzy recruiting video and an online application option for those seeking employment.


Israel military shoots down Syrian aircraft; tension builds up in Golan heights

The military would not say what type of aircraft was downed and said the circumstances of the incident were “unclear.”


Israeli troops kill Hamas men blamed for slaying teens – Army

Israel had been searching for Marwan Kawasme and Amar Abu Aysha, militants in their 30s from the Hebron area, for months.


IS, Hamas, al-Qaeda branches of same poisonous tree: Netanyahu

The difference, supposedly, between IS and Hamas is that the former chop heads off and the others shoot people in the head: Netanyahu

Unrest at home pushes Israel tennis’ war veteran’s swan song to Florida

In one of the more bizarre episodes involving Israeli sports, Ram and the 2009 Davis Cup team played on the road in an empty 4,000-seat arena.