Islamic State

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Mideast Iraq Islamic State Killings

UN expresses ‘deep outrage’ at Islamic State group

The UN Security Council is expressing its “deep outrage” at the killings, rapes and torture by the Islamic State.

Mideast Syria Assad's Pivot

Over 1000 foreign fighters stream into Syria every month: US officials

Foreign fighters are streaming into Syria at a rate of 1,000 a month, with no let-up in the flow despite efforts.


UN warns of ‘unprecedented’ number of foreign jihadists

A US security official estimated that there were close to 2,000 westerners among the 15,000 foreign fighters.

Mideast Iraq Islamic State Killings

Iraq: Fearing uprising, Islamic State militants hunt ex-police

The Islamic State group wanted to send a warning against anyone who might plot against its rule.

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Islamic State Colorado

Girls’ jihadi quest stirs Muslim communities’ fear

The journey of three girls who authorities say tried to join ISIS militants has many worried.

Police detain 26-year-old who ‘wanted to join ISIS’

Munawad used to like and comment on posts of jihadi groups.


Cops detain ex-Google staffer ‘on way to ISIS’

Software engineer Munawad Salman, hailing from Tamil Nadu, got attracted to jihadist group Islamic State.

Girls accused of trying to join jihadis confused about her possible role

One girl who authorities say tried to join Islamic State militants was confused about what her role would be.

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Islamic State Captive Journalist

Islamic State uses captive UK soldier as war correspondent in propaganda video

A captive British journalist has been used by the Islamic State group to take on the role of a war correspondent.


Islamic State threatens to kill British jihadis wanting to return home

Muslim extremists from Britain, who went to Syria and Iraq to fight alongside the Islamic State, are now desperate to return home.

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US strikes pound jihadists as Iraq Kurds prepare to join fight

The Kurdish regional government unveiled plans for up to 200 well-trained peshmerga to join Syrian Kurdish forces defending Kobane.

Mideast Iraq

Iraq government forces, militias take control of strategic town Jurf al-Sakhar

Iraqi government forces and Shi’ite militias took control of the strategic town of Jurf al-Sakhar.


Syrian Kurd leader sees war of ‘attrition’ in Kobani

Islamic State insurgents surrounded Kobani more than a month ago and are using weapons including tanks and armoured vehicles to attack Kurds.


Situation in Kobani “tenuous” as Kurdish forces continue fight against ISIS: Pentagon

US Central Command (CENTCOM) said it conducted four airstrikes, while three others were conducted by its partner nation forces.

Bashar Assad

Syria’s Bashar al-Assad exploits US war against Islamic State

Syrian President Bashar Assad is taking advantage of the US-led coalition’s war against the Islamic State group.