Islamic Militants

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Lebanese expert killed while dismantling bomb

Lebanese troops have been battling Syria-based Islamic militants in areas near the border.

Bringing down Al Qaeda

Al-Qaeda grooming Indian militants for bigger attacks: Intelligence officials

Officials had uncovered plots that included kidnapping of foreigners and turning India into a “Syria and Iraq”.


The shadow over the dinner table

When Canada is no longer reassuring, it’s all over


None involved in ISIS flag waving linked with militancy: Omar Abdullah

The Chief Minister said a case has been registered against those involved in flag waving incidents.


Kurds battle Islamist militants closing in on Syrian town

At least 11 Kurdish fighters and 16 Islamic State insurgents were killed in the overnight clashes.


Russian suspicions of US motives in Syria make cooperation unlikely

Moscow suspects Washington’s ulterior motive is removal of its ally, Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad.

A woman charged with lying to investigators about supporting the Islamic State militant group will remain in jail.

ISIS, ISIL or Islamic State (IS): Where the name makes a statement

While the rhetoric against the ISIS has been consistent across the globe, their name hasn’t.


IS militants struggling to control its new-found oil exploits: experts

The IS popped up on the global radar in June by seizing assets in Iraq, but building on those early gains is proving difficult.


IS militants kidnap around 50 in North Iraq village

It is not the first time IS has carried out mass kidnappings in Iraq.


US, UK will ‘not be cowed’ by militants: Obama, Cameron

“We will be more forthright in the defense of our values,” the leaders wrote.


Iraq launches drive to break jihadist siege of Amerli

Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah warned that the West would be the next Islamic State (IS) target unless swift action is taken.


US sending arms to Kurds in Iraq

US Secretary John Kerry urged the people of Iraq to remain calm amid the political and military upheaval.


US not co-ordinating any military mission for Iraq, says Chuck Hagel

What we are doing is assisting the Iraqi security forces, and that’s what we will continue to do, Hagel said.

Syrian government warplanes struck an eastern city, killing 12 people.

Syrian warplanes strike eastern city, killing 12

Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the jets struck targets around the city, including a market.


20 killed as Islamic extremists rampage in Nigeria

Officials say suspected Islamic militants killed 20 people including a traditional ruler in northeast Nigeria.