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James Foley case lays bare debate over paying ransom

By paying ransoms, govts in the Mideast and Europe have become some of the biggest financiers of terror groups.

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ISIS offered to swap Pak scientist for slain US journalist

Dr Afia Siddiqqi was jailed by a US court for 86 years. She was arrested in Afghanistan in 2008.


Top Muslim groups and leaders condemn ISIS

Recently, Saudi Arabia’s Grand Mufti Sheik Abdulaziz Al al-Sheik has described ISIS as “enemy number one of Islam”.

View from the LEFT: US ‘imperialism’

ISIS and other extremist Islamic groups have arisen as a product of US intervention and assistance.


Explained: Kurdish military forces, ISIS and the Dam

The peshmarga were formally organised as a national fighting force after the fall of the Ottoman Empire post World War I.


From anti-Islamist letter to jihad camp in Syria, a Srinagar youth’s journey

The letter ended, “Nobody cares, nobody listens, it starts in Kashmir and ends up there, no where in the world cares.”


Uproar over Gaza, silence over ISIS: Why is the Muslim ‘brotherhood’ not uniform across conflicts?

Most Muslims believe that Israelis have forcefully taken away Palestinians’ land with the aid of the Americans.


Airstrikes on ISIS militants at Iraq dam after ‘massacre’

It was not clear whether the airstrikes were being carried out by Iraq’s air force or the US.


Sinjar siege over, says Obama

Thousands of families from the Yazidi minority community were trapped on the mountains without food and water.

ISIS more brutal than al-Qaeda, says Dy NSA

New Delhi has so far avoided attacking ISIS as 41 Indians are currently in its captivity in Iraq


Australian man’s son holds a decapitated head in Syria; PM shocked

The picture, taken in the northern Syrian city of Raqa, was posted on the Twitter account of Khaled Sharrouf.


Iraq says 500 Yazidis killed by ISIS, some buried alive, US jets continue bombings

ISIS killed at least 500 Yazidis, buried them in mass graves: Iraq Human Rights Minister.


Obama authorises airstrikes in Iraq, but says the military operation will be ‘limited in scope and duration’

Obama said he has also authorised US Armed Forces to provide humanitarian assistance in Iraq.

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US jets bombard Islamic State artillery in Iraq: Pentagon

Two F/A-18 aircraft dropped 500-pound laser-guided bombs on a mobile artillery piece near Erbil.

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Iraqi militants seize country’s largest dam

Sunni militants successfully stormed the Mosul Dam and forced Kurdish forces to withdraw from the area.


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