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Girls seek sisterhood not just marriage in Islamic State, suggests study

Young women are joining the Islamic State group for many reasons, including anger over the perceived persecution of Muslims and the wish to belong to a sisterhood with similar beliefs.

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Libya: Islamic State takes over civilian airport

The battalion answers to the militias who control the capital, Tripoli, and al-Shamia says they were forced to withdraw after his forces received no reinforcements from the capital.


Saudi Arabia: Islamic state suicide bomber attacks Shiite mosque, kills 4

It was the second attack against a Shiite mosque in Saudi. An attack last week killed 21 people and the IS group claimed responsibility for the attack.

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Explained: Islamic State’s war on History

UNESCO World Heritage Site Palmyra will likely join the list of humanity’s collective heritage that has been destroyed by the Islamic State. What has the world lost already? Why are the militants doing it?

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Islamic State could procure nukes from Pakistan in a year

The latest publication of the propaganda magazine Dabiq claims that the group has threatened the modern world that it would intensify its brand of violence in less than 12 months.

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Iraqi Shiite militias mobilizing towards reclaiming ISIS captured Ramadi

Iraq government has asked the Shiite militias to intervene in Ramadi as they led a successful campaign to remove IS from Saddam Hussein’s hometown of Tikrit.

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Ramadi becomes ISIS stronghold in Iraq; 500 dead, 8,000 fled

Islamic State seized control of Ramadi despite the support of US-led airstrikes targeting the extremists.

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Syria: IS leader Abu Sayyaf killed in US ground raid

American special ops killed senior ISIS leader in an overnight raid ordered by US President Barack Obama.

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ISIS claims gaining complete control of Ramadi,

IS militants captured parts of Ramadi and then went to attack provincial military headquarters.

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Delhi has a pinch of salt, bunch of spies

The Indian Express is withholding the names of the three men identified from the photographs, as well as the others.

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IS hostage crisis: Should we believe Masih or govt, asks Victims’ kin

The frustrated families are also unsure of whom to trust: Masih, who claims that all 39 have been killed or the government, which disagrees with him.

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All 39 Indian hostages held by ISIS alive: Sushma Swaraj

The government was making all sincere efforts for the safe and early release of the Indian workers, Swaraj told the captives’ families.


Pakistan buries victims of Karachi bus attack

Hundreds of people attended the funeral prayers of the 43 victims who were laid to rest at the Sakhi Hasan graveyard of the city, police said.


ISIS to elect stand-in leader for injured Baghdadi: Report

That leader will be, in effect, under Baghdadi, a super deputy to the caliph —- in Arabic, na’ib al-malik, or viceroy, the report said.

This undated image made from a video released by Islamic State militants, Sunday, April 19, 2015, appears to show the killing of a group of captured Ethiopian Christians in Libya. (AP Photo)

IS opens own 5-star hotel for jihadist commanders in Iraq, reveals report

The hotel has 262 rooms, two restaurants, two ballrooms and a gymnasium, among other facilities, the report said.