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US condemns religious and ethnic prosecution by ISIL in Iraq

US strongly condemns the terrorist group ISIL’s systematic persecution of ethnic and religious minorities in Iraq.

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ISIL poses serious security threat to Iraq, says White House

Any decision that US President makes about military actions in Iraq will be focused on its core national security interests, said Earnest.


Barack Obama calls Saudi King to discuss on Iraq and ISIL

The two leaders agreed to continue to consult closely on regional developments,” the White House said.

Anti-government fighters subsequently seized parts of Ramadi and all of Fallujah, the first time they had exercised such open control in major cities in years.(Source: Reuters)

US asks neighbours to encourage inclusive government in Iraq

“If you have an interest in reducing tensions inside of Iraq, then encourage inclusive governance, said US.

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US sends another 300 military personnel to Iraq

Obama said that this force will remain in Iraq until the security situation becomes such that it is no longer needed.


Syria fighters hail declaration of Islamic “caliphate”

Group says wants to erase borders cross region; Analysts split on influence of renamed Islamic State.


Iraq army drives back ISIL from Saddam hometown

Militants deny govt claim, assert victory over forces in southern parts.


Iraq crisis: US drones over Baghdad as Iraq battles for Tikrit

The Pentagon confirmed that among the manned and unmanned US aircraft flying over Iraq to carry out surveillance, some were carrying bombs and missiles.


US rights group finds ISIL execution site in Iraq

The rights group located two of the trenches filled with bodies by cross-checking against ground features and landmarks in the photographs released by ISIL.


Iraq crisis: Sunni militants advance, capture more towns as US warns spillover

“We’re going to have to be vigilant generally,” US President Barack Obama said in an interview aired yesterday on CBS.


ISIL captures 2 more Iraqi towns

Pushes army out of Ana, located on strategic supply route to Syria, and Rutba


Shia fighters make show of force in Iraqi cities, ISIL seizes 2 towns

First official border gate controlled by militants, 30 troops killed


Protest at Jantar Mantar over violence in Iraq

Braving the scorching sun, about 200 people gathered for the protest at Jantar Mantar here under the aegis of a Delhi-based NGO.


Iraq forces plan major offensive to stall Sunni rebels’ advance

Fighting continues over Baiji refinery