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Australia to help anti-ISIL forces in Iraq: Abbott

I certainly don’t rule out further military involvement but I do rule out combat troops on the ground, said Abbott.


Iraq launches drive to break jihadist siege of Amerli

Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah warned that the West would be the next Islamic State (IS) target unless swift action is taken.


UK terror threat level raised to ‘severe’ on Iraq, Syria fears

In the light of increasing threats posed by British extremists, UK raises terror threat level to ‘severe’.

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Missing Mumbai youth from Kalyan reported killed in Iraq

Arif, an engineering student, was one of four men from Thane who went missing from their homes in May.


Car bombing kills at least 11 people in Baghdad

The explosives-laden car went off during the morning rush hour in the main commercial area of the New Baghdad district.


Before it changes the map

The priority ought to be to collectively deliberate on how to confront the present and clear danger posed by the IS.


Humans of a troubled world

As the creator of photography blog ‘Humans of New York’ now documents lives in conflict zones, questions arise about how apolitical he can be.


Airstrikes on ISIS militants at Iraq dam after ‘massacre’

It was not clear whether the airstrikes were being carried out by Iraq’s air force or the US.

Man with three kin ‘in captivity’ may go to Iraq

Lucky spent a couple of years in Iraq reportedly working with the same company as the abducted Indians.


Australian man’s son holds a decapitated head in Syria; PM shocked

The picture, taken in the northern Syrian city of Raqa, was posted on the Twitter account of Khaled Sharrouf.


US sending arms to Kurds in Iraq

US Secretary John Kerry urged the people of Iraq to remain calm amid the political and military upheaval.


Ready to support new and inclusive government in Iraq, says US

The C-17 and three C-130 cargo aircraft together dropped a total of 88 bundles of supplies.


Pope expresses outrage at violence in Iraq

The pope urged the international community to find “an efficient political solution that can stop these crimes”.


Iraq says 500 Yazidis killed by ISIS, some buried alive, US jets continue bombings

ISIS killed at least 500 Yazidis, buried them in mass graves: Iraq Human Rights Minister.


Militants abandoning al-Qaeda to join Islamic State: Report

The paper said the influx has strengthened the Islamic State, also known as Islamic State of Iraq and Syria or ISIS.


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