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Representatives of world powers meet to pin down a nuclear deal with Iran, on Monday March 30, 2015, in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Negotiations on nuclear deal expedited ahead of a deadline

Iran and six world powers ramped up the negotiations ahead of a deadline for preliminary nuclear deal, 24 hours away.

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Iran may run centrifuges at fortified site

Iran would be allowed to run hundreds of centrifuges, but an International security will ensure no work towards an atomic bomb.

Ground Zero Aden

Yemen’s civil war could spiral into a larger proxy conflict between Saudi Arabia and Iran.


Iran condemns Saudi Arabia strikes in Yemen as ‘dangerous step’

The Huthis and their allies within the armed forces had been closing in on Yemen’s main southern city Aden.


Iranian president Rouhani: Final nuclear deal possible

Rouhani said every party will have to make compromises.

The biggest damage to Obama came from the fact that many of his supporters felt a sense of betrayal.

Obama: Iran nuclear talks an opportunity to reinstate US-Iran diplomatic relations

President Barack Obama told Iranians there might not be a second chance at better relations with the US.

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Inspite GOP letter, Iran-US nuclear talks continue

US and Iranian diplomats resumed talks seeking to resolve differences blocking a deal restricting Iran’s nuclear program.

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Iran confronts US at Geneva nuclear talks over GOP letter: Official

Obama and other officials insist they’re not going to make any deal that would allow Iran to acquire nuclear weapons.

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Kerry back in Switzerland for Iran nuke deal negotiations; no promised breakthroughs

Yet as both US and Iran diplomats arrive to continue several days of discussions, there are no promises of a breakthrough.

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Republican open letter to Iran slammed as ‘propaganda ploy'; negotiations on nuclear deal to continue next week

Republican lawmakers Iran leaders that any nuclear deal they reach with President Obama could expire with his term.


Iran’s Ayatollah Ali Khamenei quells death rumours with public appearance

Khamenei has been Iran’s top leader since the death in 1989 of the Islamic Republic’s founder, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini

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Nuclear inspectors secure permission to inspect disputed Iran site

TV reports in Iran say that officials are again willing to give UN inspectors access to disputed site to dismiss allegations regarding nuclear charge.

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Obama: Iran nuclear talks progress; ‘gaps’ in negotiations still exist

Responding to questions, Obama said there is enormous suspicion between the Iranian regime and the world, not just the US.

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US general says Iranian hand in Iraq could turn out well

Dempsey said Iran and its proxies have been operating inside Iraq since 2004, but the Tikrit campaign signals a new level of involvement.


Benjamin Netanyahu warns US ‘bad deal’ would put Iran on nuclear path

‘This is a bad deal. It is a very bad deal. We are better off without it,’ he declared.