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If they (Israel) are your friend, do not let them choose your enemies: Iran envoy Gholamreza Ansari

Iran Ambassador to India Gholamreza Ansari laments India is very slow in trade deals, denies a Shia-Sunni conflict in West Asia, and explains why all will benefit from the Iran-US n-deal.

Mideast Yemen

Bombs shatter houses in Yemen capital, hit near Iran Embassy

Saudi led airstrikes aim rebels’ weapon cache touching off massive explosions and killing 19.

Hassan Rouhani, Ashraf Ghani

Iran, Afghanistan to launch joint security operations against Islamic State

Afghanistan and Iran announced plans for security cooperation to combat the Islamic State group, including possible joint military operations.

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Iran nuclear deal: Revolutionary Guard bans world powers from inspecting military sites

Iran’s revolutionary guard said inspectors would be barred from military sites under any nuclear agreement with world powers.

Vladimir Putin

Russia to deliver missile systems to Iran; US, Israel concerned

Missile ban on Iran was lifted by the Russian president and will deliver some of it’s own S-300s for quick delivery.


US states to hold grip on Iran sanctions, nuclear deal or not

US states are likely to stick with sanctions on Iran and thus complicate any warming of relations between the long-time foes.

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Iranian officers leading Houthi rebels in Yemen captured

Local militiamen Aden, Yemen said they captured two Iranian military officers advising Houthi rebels during ground combat.

Mideast Iran Saudi Arabia Yemen Protest

Hundreds defy ban to protest Saudi Arabia in Iran’s capital

Defying a government ban, hundreds of Iranians protest against Saudi Arabia over the alleged abuse of two Iranian pilgrims.


Saudi Arabia blocks Iranian plane carrying pilgrims

Saudi Arabian aviation authorities prevented an Iranian plane carrying pilgrims from entering the kingdom’s airspace.


Airstrikes in Yemen a ‘mistake’ : Iran

Iran’s president warns Saudi Arabia, says airstrikes a ‘mistake’ and calls for a halt.

Pakistan Iran

Iranian FM met Pak PM Nawaz Sharif to push peace talks to resolve Yemen crisis

“We need to work together in order to put an end to the crisis in Yemen,” Zarif said.


No nuclear deal unless all sanctions on Iran lifted: Khamenei support President Rouhani’s stance

Iran leaders stand together; say all sanctions on the country must be lifted to have a nuclear deal.

Pakistan Iran

Iran tells Pakistan: we ‘need to work together’ to bring peace in Yemen

The Iranian maneuver came as the US deepened its support for the Saudi-led coalition.

Mahdi Hashemi Rafsanjani

ex-Iran President’s son appeals 15-year sentence

Mahdi Hashemi Rafsanjani had initially refused to appeal the sentence out of protest, but then gave into his mother’s urges.

Mideast Iran US Iraq Disputed Strike

Pakistan to probe militant attack on Iran border

Iran’s Revolutionary Guard says US drone strike killed two of its advisers near Tikrit; US denied claims,