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Intel: India among few countries that saw good PC sales in 2015

Intel says the 2-in-1 as a category finally got established during the year and India was among the few countries that had a good year in PC sales

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Ransomware, attacks on wearables: Intel McAfee Labs’ top security predictions for 2016

Ransomware will be the key security threat in 2016, says McAfee Labs Report

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Tag Heuer Connected, a $1500 luxury smartwatch with Android Wear launched

Luxury comes with a price: Tag Heuer Connected starts selling in the US on Monday for $1,500 and runs Android Wear

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Panache Air PC review: Ideal for those who don’t have space

Panache Air PC is ideal for those who have issues with sparing space for a full PC rig

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More kids are online, but Indian parents are finally taking stock: Intel Study

Intel aims to educate schools and even parents about the risks of online behaviour.

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Intel ties up with 100 academic institutions to push IoT in India

Intel plans to set up 100 IoT centers across academic institutions in a way to push the adoption of Internet of Things

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Pocket computing is here; Should you opt for PC-on-a-stick?

Computers no larger than a USB dongle can now take productivity wherever there is an HDMI port.

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Intel, Chromat show high-tech sports bra with cooling vents and a 3D dress

Intel and experimental US clothing studio Chromat unveiled a sports bra with cooling vents and a dress that responds to the wearer’s adrenaline levels.

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Intel 6th Gen Skylake processor range is it its ‘most scalable ever’

Intel 6th Gen processors will be available in Core i3, Core i5 and Core i7 as well as the new Core M3, M5 and M7 range for mobile devices.

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Intel unveils Maker Lab with focus on mobile devices and Internet of Things

Intel India unveils Maker Lab at its Bengaluru campus to help Indian government realise Digital India vision

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Intel releases Stephen Hawking’s speech synthesizer software online

A software that lets physicist Stephen Hawking communicate via a computer has been released online

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Best of IDF15: Intel RealSense to Google’s Project Tango

Intel’s new RealSense technology has become one of the drivers of innovation in the tech giant.

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Intel India to set up innovation lab in Bengaluru

The Intel India Maker Lab will provide the infrastructure local Indian entrepreneurs and innovators to develop and test their ideas leading to products.

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The Add-Ons You Need to Use Intel Compute Stick

These are the add-ons you need to make use of Intel Compute stick connected to any TV as a full-fledged PC

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Express Review: Intel Compute Stick Turns Any TV Into a Windows PC

Intel Compute Stick is a tiny stick that turns any TV into a full-fledged PC

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