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#EpicFail: Lesson learnt, never ask internet users to photoshop your pictures

Never ask internet to photoshop any picture of your’s, you might become a famous troll.


Instagram updates guidelines: No nudes, but okays breast-feeding photos

Instagram has updated to say that it will allow photos of post-mastectomy scarring and women who are actively breastfeeding.

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What the world is reading: That time of the month

When Toronto-based spoken word poet Rupi Kaur uploaded a picture on Instagram recently, showing her lying in bed with a blood stain between her legs and on her sheets, she unleashed a storm on social media.


CES 2015: Strone lets you cut roaming costs, Rollkers doubles your walking speed

CES is still a showcase of the most innovative technology products from across the world.

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The First Family of Instagram

After Instagram was launched, Eswein-Phillips family grabbed the handles for @food, @baking, and many more.


Express LOL: Are these the next 6 pictures on NaMo’s Instagram account?

Will PM Narendra Modi start using Instagram for what it’s meant for – selfies, filters and pictures of food?


PM Narendra Modi joins Instagram; posts first picture from Myanmar

Modi joined Instagram while on a 11-day foreign tour in Myanmar.


Click. Tweet. Eat. Repeat.

Today, food presentation is not limited to a sprig of rosemary on baked chicken or a colourful salad on the side.


Autograph days are over: Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift feels autograph days are over and Instagram is the latest currency.


Megan Fox joins Instagram, shares selfie

Megan Fox became the latest Hollywood celebrity to join photosharing website Instagram.

Android apps side loaded on a Z30

How to install Android apps on BlackBerry till it opens up to Amazon store

If the Z3 has a good price, the new-found access to Android apps could make a value for money purchase


Facebook, Instagram crack down on gun sales on social networks

Facebook said it won’t permit people to post offers to sell regulated items


Facebook buys WhatsApp for $19B. Yes, it is a big deal

The deal translates to roughly 9% of Facebook’s market value. In contrast, Google’s Motorola Mobility deal was $12.5 billion.


Snapchat,Vine,Candy Crush Saga among top smartphone apps of 2013

There are more than a million apps on Apple Inc’s App Store and Google Inc’s Play store.

Express tech specials: Reviews of the Pebble Smartwatch,iPad Air,Dell Inspiron 14 and Spotliter

A compilation of our best tech specials from over the past week.