Indira Gandhi

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Bihar in Bharat: When state was in the grip of caste violence

In Belchhi near Patna, 14 Dalit labourers were killed in 1977 and Indira Gandhi reached the site riding an elephant and braving floodwaters. That trip marked the beginning of her political comeback after the post-Emergency defeat.

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Indira, Rajiv stamps discontinued: Personal vendetta has reached zenith, Congress to Modi Govt

An RTI query by The Indian Express revealed that two stamps featuring Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi, launched by the Department of Posts in December 2008, have been discontinued.

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President Speaks

I believe the Emergency is a passing phase but the era of permissive politics and national degeneration is over and we will never allow that phase to be repeated again, President Fakhruddin Ali said.

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Forty Years Ago: Protestors Arrested

As many as 14 presses used to print the objectionable material were confiscated by state governments.

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Indira Gandhi considered military strike on Pakistan’s nuclear sites: CIA document

Such a consideration by the then Indian Prime Minister was being made when the US was in an advanced stage of providing its fighter jets F-16 to Pakistan.

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August 22, Forty Years Ago: Mars Ahoy

A look at the front page of Indian Express on August 22, published forty years ago.

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After 12-year wait, Cong finally unveils statues of Indira, Rajiv Gandhi

The event was to mark the 71st birth anniversary of Rajiv Gandhi on Thursday. These are the only statues of Indira and Rajiv in the city.

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August 14, Forty Years Ago: Ban The BBC

Prime Minister Indira Gandhi said there was no plan to impose single-party rule in India.


August 3, Forty Years Ago: Thanks, Tito

Justifying the imposition of the Emergency, Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, in an interview to Yugoslav journalists, said that “the opportunistic and cynical policies of the opposition parties” had to be “frustrated” to protect democracy, socialism, secularism and non-alignment, the four pillars of India’s state policy. In this context, she said, the support offered to her […]


Site Learning

Site was designed to test how television could be used to educate and instruct rural audiences to participate in national development programmes.

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Isha Koppikar wants biopic on Kiran Bedi, Indira Gandhi

Isha Koppikar says if she gets a chance, she would love to be part of one on either Indira Gandhi or Kiran Bedi.

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For the record: On behalf of the CPM, I totally oppose the new declaration of Emergency

I am sorry to say that as a Congressman who once fought for the freedom of this country and who courted arrest and suffered so much, I had been treated in this way.

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Forty Years Ago: Misa Amended

The Soviet spacecraft shifted into position as cosmonauts completed repairs on the docking system.


Chronicle of the Emergency: When poetry spoke against the betrayal of democracy

It was U R Ananthamurthy, the Kannada intellectual, who prodded Perry in 1978 to collect the protest writings of the Emergency before they were lost.


July 8, Forty Years Ago: Our babus

A look at the front page of The Indian Express, published on July 08, Forty Years Ago.