Indira Gandhi

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May 21, Forty Years Ago: No nuclear deal

India rejected a Pakistani proposal for a multilateral guarantee that it would use nuclear power only for peaceful purposes.


May 20, Forty Years Ago: MISA mischief

Opposition parties had blocked the bill, which allowed the government to detain a person without trial for two years, in Parliament earlier that month.


May 14, Forty Years Ago: Call to rebel

Socialist leader Madhu Limaye asked the Congress Young Turks, Chandra Shekhar and Mohan Dharia, to join the JP movement.


May 13, Forty Years Ago: Relief for Bahuguna

UP Chief Minister H.N. Bahuguna claimed that there was no move to oust him from office.


May 11, Forty Years Ago

A look at the front page of Indian Express on May 11, published forty years ago.


May 8, Forty Years Ago: Ruckus over MISA

The Opposition prevented the introduction of the MISA (Maintenance of Internal Security Act) bill in Parliament.

Indian express

May 5, Forty Years Ago

A look at the front page of Indian Express on May 5, published forty years ago.


April 30, Forty Years Ago

PM Indira Gandhi denounced “international power politics” and the “acquisitive society towards which the world seems to be headed’.


April 27, Forty years ago

April 27, 1975 was a Sunday. The weekend edition of The Indian Express then used to be called Sunday Standard.


The resilience of briefcase politics

After-effects of the 1969 ban on corporate donations to political parties linger.


Pranab Mukherjee’s autobiography doesn’t rock any Gandhi boat

Mukherjee suggests that it was former Bengal CM Siddhartha Shankar Ray who suggested Indira to declare the Emergency.


Beware great expectations

BJP won handsomely in LS polls and Modi government’s ratings remain high. But BJP supporters should worry.


Pranab Mukherjee’s book chronicles Indira Gandhi years

President Pranab Mukherjee has written a book titled ‘The Dramatic Decade: The Indira Gandhi Years.’


Delhi Underground

About two weeks since Health Minister J P Nadda took over, the website of the health ministry has been updated with his pictures


The rise of ‘Mr Clean’

Rajiv Gandhi was very popular in his initial years in office. But he could not deliver on his promises.