Indian Ocean

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Chinese Takeaway: Border Paradox

China has long seen Myanmar and Pakistan as gateways to the Indian Ocean.


Narendra Modi and the Ocean: Maritime power and responsibility

It is not easy to recall the last time when an Indian Prime Minister articulated India’s objectives and policy for the Indian Ocean.


China’s Xi touts ‘maritime silk road’ on South Asia tour

It is the first visit by a leader from Beijing since the former British protectorate gained independence in 1965.

The Great Game Folio: Modi’s ports

While Prime Minister Narendra Modi is talking up the importance of building sea ports along India’s coastline, China is focused on developing maritime infrastructure far beyond its own shores, whether greenfield ports in the Indian Ocean or the modernisation of the Panama Canal linking the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. After constructing new ports in Gwadar […]

Small vessels with no transponders still a threat, says Coast Guard

Transponders allow agencies like the Coast Guard to monitor location of vessels across Indian Ocean.


Chinesetakeaway: String of Pearls

China is seeking a permanent presence in the Indian Ocean through a “string of pearls”, or a network of bases, has been debated for a while.

The search for MH370 has been continually frustrated and last week Australia ruled out an area considered a possible resting place of the plane after a mini-sub dived repeatedly to the seabed and found nothing. (Source: AP)

Chinese ship in latest glitch in MH370 search mission

JACC said an Australian contracted survey vessel will also be involved in conducting the bathymetric survey, and will arrive in the search area in June.

Amit Kilam, Himanshu Joshi, Rahul Ram, Tuhin Chakraborty and Susmit Sen

Indian Ocean launch Tandanu

Release one song every week on MTV Indies


Depths of the Ocean

With half of its original line-up gone, Indian Ocean’s new album Tandanu reflects changes even as it retains links to its past.


Dive into a New Ocean

The result is a spirited and evolved record, which is packed with goodness and freshness.


Trilateral talks in Australia on search for MH370

The discussions in Trilateral talks in Australia would be focused on how the search mission for MH370 should proceed.


Cyclone halts air search for Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370

The focused underwater search area is defined as a circle of 10km-radius around the second Towed Pinger Locator detection which occurred on April 8.


MH370: Malaysia Airlines to provide financial aid to families

The assistance would come solely from Malaysia Airlines (MAS), with the Government only stepping in to bear some of the costs if there is a need for it.


Plane hunt at ‘critical juncture’, search on

The Bluefin-21 submersible is mapping the area of the sea bed within a 10 km radius of where acoustic signals were detected believed to be from the plane’s flight recorder.


Robotic submarine launches 5th mission to locate missing Malayasian plane

A mini-submarine deployed to find the crashed Malaysian jet has touched record depths in the Indian Ocean beyond its operating limits.